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Guest Crown Note #1

       Imoh Somtochukwu writes the very first Guest Crown Note. Guest Crown Note #1 discusses the role of passion in Nigerian student culture. Somto’s piece is written in a conversational style which makes it relatable to students, the concerned demographic. However, Somto’s unique take on the universal truth of passion will definitely resonate with people from all works of life.


By Imoh Somtochukwu

     It is no secret that the current state of affairs in Nigeria is less than desirable. It is not a secret because everyone; children, adults, professionals, students even politicians complain about what our country has become. However, what seems to be the real secret is how we Nigerians can go about finding a solution to this conundrum. There are so many ways to accomplish this, many options at our disposal that we are not taking advantage of. Instead, it seems that we are making the problem to be even more exposed than it already is.
How? You may ask? Well, truth be told, in many ways. This piece will be examining one of those ways: passion. I know so many questions must be arousing in your mind at this point. Questions like “How will passion help Nigeria become a better nation?” To be able to answer that question, you must firstly consider this, how we can create a better Nigeria if a great number of students enroll in the higher institution yearly but an alarming percent of them are not studying the course they truly have a passion for? It is true that the youthful years are a time of exploration but shouldn’t Nigerians be striving to raise youths that are passionate so that they can create a better Nigeria.
         To further illustrate my point I will be making use of two case studies: myself and one of my fellow colleagues whom will remain unnamed. Let’s begin with me; this is my story. When I was younger I had so many dreams but I finally settled on the right one. Now questions that could come up are: “How do you know you chose the right one?” and “How did select a course from the batch of courses you were offered ?” As a response to these questions I can proudly say that know I chose the course that I am most passionate about.
The next question that may come to your mind would be “How do you know that you have a passion for your course?”  Well the simple answer to do that is that passion is not a phenomenon that can ever be adequately expressed. It is an extra natural knowledge that you have to experience personally. I can tell you this though; if you find yourself reading a course for hours and you still do not have a basic understanding of what you are reading then you do not have a natural passion for such a course. If you have to cram your notes every time you sit for a test or an examination for a course, then you are most definitely doing the wrong course. If every time you are discussing your course with your course mates, you always say “If not for my parents, I have no business studying this course” then it is crystal clear that you are definitely not in the right place. However, there is no need to despair, there is a remedy.
    For those students who have fallen into the wrong place, those who find themselves studying a course they are not naturally passionate about, they can learn to dream a new dream. This simply means they can learn to adapt whatever natural gifts they have been endowed with to the course they are studying. I learned this lesson from the next case study, my colleague that will remain unnamed.
After interviewing this colleague, I truly learned that all hope is not lost for those studying a course that they did not select. The colleague I interviewed is enrolled in the Department of Communication Information Technology (CIT). This colleague revealed to me that he wanted to study civil engineering but since he was unable to, he created a passion for CIT. He stopped wishful thinking and he was able to find his passion in CIT. He is currently working to become a pioneer in security and networking. He believes that he can impact the Nigerian society through his new dream.
       This is proof that you can redirect your passion and still make an impact. Many students who find themselves in this unfavorable situation should take note of this. Whether you find yourself following the dream that you have a passion for or you find yourself having to rechannel your passion to fit your current situation, the key is to do everything with passion. If we are able to raise a generation of passionate youth, a better Nigeria will be inevitable.

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  1. Nice one Somto…Hope to see you on top

    1. Kunmi thanks a lot hope to see u on top too -Somto

  2. pelumi

    Awesome write up…

    1. Glad you like it! -Somto

  3. Amb.

    True. Passion makes you go the extra mile for a cause. Whether its good or Bad. Passion for the right cause would actually make a better Nigeria.

    1. That’s absolutely true and I know that if we work together we can make that a reality. Thanks for reading! – Somto

  4. Jessica

    Nice one dear

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like it! -Somto

      1. Anonymous

        Jessica thanks a lot thank you

  5. OBA

    A great work somto. Great writing. Expecting more of this.

    1. Thanks and most definitely , the best is yet to come – Somto

  6. E N I O L A

    Nice write up……love to see more of this:))

    1. Most definitely! Thanks for reading!

  7. Ola banjo

    Nice one Somto keep the good work up…

  8. Nwabueze Emmanuel Chijioke

    Am really touched by this well articulated write-up. Am not surprise at all because I know he will certainly be great. Expecting more of this wonderful piece.

    1. There will definitely be more of this. I’m really grateful that you read it.

    2. Thank you for reading and believing in me! – Emmanuel

  9. David fayehun

    Absolutely awesome!!!…bunky well done …I’m proud of you!!!…welldone once more…

  10. sorlarh

    Amazing write up

  11. Elijah

    Inspired GOD Bless this Dwag….!!

    1. Ahahha thanks bro – Somto

  12. Feyikemi

    I love d write-up… makes a lot of sense….keep it up Somto

  13. Adenike

    its really nice..thumbs up dear

    1. Thank you Adenike

  14. Tomiloba

    Nice piece dear!

  15. oluwatosin

    my friend, you’ve just signed a thought that as being running through my mind over and over. thanks, you really talked to me. please keep writing, don’t stop cos I don’t wanna stop reading things like this.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!

  16. bukola

    Awwwwn Sompto my boo………word!!!

    1. Thank you Bukola!

  17. Brilliant! Wonderful write-up. Keep it up Bro.

  18. Brilliant! Wonderful write-up, keep it up Bro.

  19. LAOLU

    Great Stuff Fam.

  20. Anonymous

    Wow somto dis z wonderful really can’t wait 2 read moh of it kip it up

  21. justina

    What a magnificent way of expressing the issue that is really disturbing most youth, I doubtlessly agree with you,PASSION is one of the most important thing that we youth should not only consider but aswell put in to practice in what so ever we find our self doin,cuz definitely with PASSION comes GOOD RESULT.Keep it up somto,your effort is making a difference somewhere am sure.God be with u.

    1. Thanks you! I am thrilled that you like it!

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