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Guest Crown Art #64

By Olu

The way i saw him,
Passing through,
I felt it

Never had this feeling before
I have heard of the feeling but never believed it was true
Maybe this was different
This was deeper than they had explained or described it to be

How come?

It was impossible to feel this way i thought
I’m human right, aren’t i?
Itaught to myself,
Do other humans feel this way too?
I doubt it.

It was too intensed
I sat and wondered where the feeling came from?
How it was formed?
Where it was all along?
Who placed it in me?
Was there space for such all along?

I couldn’t place the answers.

I saw him passing through
But the feeling,
It had come to stay.
I couldn’t comprehend it
How he could make me feel this way
I was in a state of confusion …I kept asking myself one simple but difficult question

Where did he come from?

I was sure he wasn’t human,
At least that’s what i thought
I had never seen any human that made me feel that way

So the feeling began to scare me

I was afraid if i told anyone about it they wouldn’t believe me,
So i kept quiet.
Thinking in my heart,
Then he spoke,
He spoke to me.

Fear with joy
Mixed feelings
He spoke to me
Then i saw his face…

I looked like him
How was it possible?
We were made in the exact same image?
It was getting more scary
I didn’t know what to say to him or do

I wanted to ask him so much but before i asked, he spoke to me
Replying me the questions that were about to come out of my mouth!
He wasn’t human
I felt it again,
He calmed me down

Where had he come from?

How come we looked so alike?
The same image?
And he wasn’t human?

I needed answers…quick

He spoke calmly,
He made me feel better
Like he washed the fear off me
It was gone,
All of it.
At once.

He spoke to me,
Told me about the feeling i had all along
He said it was Love
I had heard of that feeling many times,
But i never knew it was that deep,I said

He explained that most people never knew how deep it was and that people don’t even feel it
They just assume its it
But he knew the feeling perfectly well
And that he was it.

He had created a space in me that only him could fill and without him the space would be forever void and no one could fill it.

I wondered how come ?

How could he claim to be the feeling called Love?
He said he loved me so much
And that he died to see me have the joy i felt
He did that all for me
But people didn’t know the feeling till they loved him,
So I loved him.

The feeling that was deep was the love I had for him.
He was my first love,
Just him.
No other person could take his place
And i loved him.
I promised to always love him
Always and forever,
Till he comes back to take me.

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