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Guest Crown Art #63

                                                                 My Lagos Story
By Akinwade Onadeko

      As I trudged through the ever busy streets of Lagos with my laptop bag burdening me down with its weight, I looked at the faces of the people pushing past themselves in the general struggle of life, the good, the bad and the ugly, and also the weary.
I hurriedly moved out of the way as an ugly looking Molue bus careened out of a corner recklessly almost mowing down 2 persons in the process.

Trust Lagos drivers, it would be a cold day in hell before he tells you sorry. 

        The driver and the “almost would have been victims” began to hurl profanities at each other with the driver even coming down from his moving coffin to further buttress his points. One thing certain to attract the Lagos people is a chance to watch a fight since the Electricity Withholding , sorry, distributing company, has failed to deliver power supply to allow us enjoy our wrestling matches.

Why miss a chance to watch one free,hell, it even has no commercial breaks. 

        I moved past the five hundred naira Nike and Reebok shirts sellers when one lady after pricing it down from five hundred naira to two hundred naira turns to her friend saying and I quote “Everything for this Lagos sef too fake” and all because the seller didn’t agree to the price but rather told her to come and steal the shirt.
           One Hausa version of P-Square hit song “Busy body, omo you go lose control” began to blare from a transistor radio, obviously for sale. I turned to my left and there and then was a man selling radios.

Yup, got it, it definitely was for sale.

        He was also selling batteries, handkerchiefs, toothpicks, even Agbo medicine all in one basket. 

What won’t we see in Lagos?           

        Actually, the radio reminded me of what I listened to on the radio that morning before setting out for Ikeja. It was about the 2.1 billion dollars arms deal scandal. This got me thinking why one individual would steal such an amount of money when thousands, in fact, millions of Nigerians were finding it hard to make ends meet. Even worse still, these same people are the ones in power ruling over the affairs of this country. I hear of politicians and top officials hiding looted funds in the biggest GeePee tanks the company ever thought of producing and inside dug sewers, some even in brand new jeeps which begs the question “Where are our youth?” Or did Milo deceive us with the phrase “Food drink of FUTURE CHAMPIONS”. 

         It seems like we have sold our birthright to the same politicians who use and dump us like pliers. Every 4 years, they remember that people actually exist in the country, so they rally the youth, bribe us with scraps and we do their every bidding. Well, I think it’s time for us to claim back our right and set things in order. It’s high time we stopped allowing older men play this country like whot cards. I think it’s time we fought for our right and claim it for real because I am tired of the injustice, the poverty and the suffering and I am also tired of buying 12.5kg of gas for 4 thousand naira. Kilode?

       Just maybe we can create a better tomorrow for ourselves. Just maybe we can secure a brighter future for our unborn generation. Just maybe we won’t have to work our fingers to the bone before we eat a good meal.

Just maybe.

– Akin
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2 thoughts on “Guest Crown Art #63

  1. tosin

    Its lively and engaging yet pointing at the reality of our lives staring right in our faces. Good one there akin?.

  2. Harold Ajagu

    “Just maybe”…nice writeup!

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