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Guest Crown Art #62

A Summer’s Day Illusion
By Boluwatife Kemi – Rotimi

It started out like any other summer day

The sun was shining;
The trees swayed to the beat of their own and the birds hummed along as if in chorus

The flowers were blooming and the air smelt like a whiff of grandmother’s cooking

The park was particularly pretty
The walkways shone as if littered with tiny diamonds

The grass was green and lush; reminiscent of an intricately woven blanket
Even the Frisbees seemed to have a special sway as they swished through the air

Everything was perfect!


We had a picnic and played hide and seek
Chased a stray Frisbee here and there and fed the pigeons
We hunted down the ice-cream man and coated our mouths and our faces in different flavours of delicious with sprinkles on top

We played in the fountain, made wishes and threw a penny in for good luck
We posed like the statues that adorned the lawns, just because we could and startled the pigeons where they nested just to watch them flee

Satisfied and happy, we headed on home.

 The activities of the day finally caught up with her and she yawned deeply

As i tucked her in and smoothened her quilt
She looked up at me with sleep laden lids and spoke four simple words
But managed to break my heart a million times over


– Bolu
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