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Guest Crown Art #60

The Dream
By Oreoluwa Oludiya


      I woke up this morning to a beautiful ray of sunlight on my face slipping through the window blinds. ⛅ It is a cloudy morning, but this prodigal ray found its way to my face. ? It was a welcomed feeling though, because it warmed my face and this warmth seemed to spread all over my body,considering  the fact that the weather had been very chilly in the night.

Wait a second…

      I sniffed. I smell bacon and fried eggs. ??? The smell of brewing tea lingered in the background…I smiled. ☕ I hurriedly tossed my pink and yellow duvet cover on the floor and scrambled into my duck faced yellow slippers. Oh they felt so warm and snug.☺

       I gently opened the room door and a blast of cold breeze touched my face. My younger brother had left the windows open.I sighed. ?I tiptoed down the stairs to catch the imposter in the act. ? I got into the Kitchen to see my twin brother at the cooker.

Hmm… since when did he start cooking? ?

      Anyway I really didn’t care, my stomach was already making funny sounds, I was starving. ?He had even baked bread? ? I took a slice of bread, spread scrambled eggs, which had lots of greens in it, on the bread and put a thick slice of bacon on it. ? I was going to question him, but first I had to have a big bite out of this feast and besides, it smelled heavenly in here. ?

      I pulled one of the high stools by the counter and sat on it. I opened my mouth wide and suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I just had to have a bite and I was sooo close, I wasn’t about to back down. I felt unbelievable pressure on my abdomen.

What was that?..? 

     Fed up, I turned. Ouch! My younger brother was on my belly in my room trying to wake me up!

Wait a minute! I just woke up!?

      So it was a dream the whole time?????

– Ore
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0 thoughts on “Guest Crown Art #60

  1. Re david


  2. Anonymous

    That was really nice

  3. cyrus SFC

    An amazing write up, from an amazing writer… keep doing what you know how to do best &, the sky will not only be your limit but your starting point. Your gifted, develop your gift & use it well. I believe in you potential, all you need to do is believe in yourself…

  4. Doyinsola.O

    Such an article filled with comic relief!?keeps you engrossed right from the start. A well written short story which brings the characters to life in a unique and well scripted manner. Well done girl, chimamanda has got some emerging competition????

  5. AmazingIby

    Nice one dearie! Very descriptive!

  6. Anonymous

    “Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.”
    “If the world had more people like you it would be a better place. You do make a difference.” Nice one dear and more of that

  7. Wow…. Fanstatic Piece! Absolutely brilliant, such talent!

  8. Kehinde Olukayode

    Power is the ability to do good things for others. No one can ever take your memories from you – make good memories every day.

  9. Adedoyin Adenike

    nice one sweetheart…….very creative…with those smileys….miss smileys?

  10. Adedoyin Adenike

    nice one sweetheart……very creative…..miss smileys?

  11. Esther Adeniji

    Bravo! Ore…I love your art of description the most in this piece. It made me to keep imagining the whole piece in my head. It’s a cool one here!

  12. Shyphylee

    The depth of the imagination coupled with brilliantly arranged descriptive words….. Simply terrific! Many a time write-ups like this talk about motivation or pain, but this one makes you laugh while still keeping the “bar of use of english” high. Pure brilliance is what you call that, folks.
    Keep at this and you wouldn’t believe it yourself in another year, and i don’t mean maybe. You made it so effortless!

  13. Riley Tosin

    A very nice piece Ore. I was completely ready to be flung into the whole plot only to discover that giving me that feeling was actually the plot of the story… It was captivating and it made me laugh… Keep it up dear ??

  14. ife

    this is dope dear. this piece kept my mind blowing.

  15. Tsemaye

    Really nice piece here Ore..Ride on girl

  16. Olayinka

    What a write. Keep it up and the sky will be your starting point.

  17. Aboderin Priscilla

    Wow!!! Nice piece and creative imagination… Keep it up?

  18. Oz

    An ingenious plot twist, your story is beautiful, bravo

  19. Solape

    Really nice writeup, you definitely should continue to explore your writing. You can only get better.

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