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Guest Crown Art #55


More To Follow
By Nonso Onyebuenyi

You feel you’ve reached the height
My friend, don’t relax
You can never relax
Until you lie in the life of death

Only then have can you that assurance,
That you have achieved the wanted
But until then,
There’s more to follow

Relent not
For the price is only for those who arrived,
Not those who tried
Keep up

Enormously rewarded
Shall you be
As long as you tirelessly, after him, run
Not minding the terrain

Terrible may be the trip,
But fulfilling is the end
Keep moving
Until His face, you shall finally see

Until you get a view of glory bright,
And pay the tax needed
There’s much ground to cover
If you must take off from the earth

You must follow in constance
That you don’t grieve him who had you created
Follow not the ways of men
For it leads nowhere but to sorrow

It’s a war that must be fought
That’s how the best men are sieved
And the left over,thrown into the devil’s den
To drink from their reward cup

But those who fight and win are awarded
Theirs is eternal glee
This is no pun
Drenched completely in the promised rain

From the cup of satisfaction, they shall eternally sip
To their wounds,the angels shall tend
They shall enjoy true grooving
As in His joyous presence, they shall eternally be.

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