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Guest Crown Art #43


Art Form : Poetry
Title : Dear Him

I look at the world from this perspective
If I tell you my thoughts, you wouldn’t believe it.

Its about this guy
In some ways, he inspires life’s epiphany
The one who calls me fool
Although he knows that I’m wise.

No matter what accent he uses,
He will always be an Igbo boy
No matter how fast he grows,
He will always be my baby boy

I can do without him
But I don’t.

I am A B C
He is X Y Z
He is a camera
Everytime I gaze his smile.

He doesn’t know I would do anything for him
He’s the only person I think about daily
He’s the only person that makes me smile
Even when I am not happy

We are partners in crime.
We’ll steal together
Even if its a dime

We are like lovers
But our love is stuck
Its at a dead end.

I care about him
I hope he knows I do.;
Dear Him,
I love you.

– Amarachi Nze
BBM : 55C9A98B

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