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Guest Crown Art #4

Okunade Temitope pens the fourth installment of the Guest Crown Art series. Guest Crown Art #4 is a call for change, a genuine plea to the youth from one of us. It will most definitely leave you touched and yearning for change like any true piece of art should be able to do.

Art Form : Poetry
Title : A Message For Today’s Youth
When I see the birds in the  sky
I wish I could fly
When I see the cheetahs
I wish I could run as fast
When I see the lions
I wish I could be just as bold

These thoughts begin with
“I wish… ”
So I ask myself, why?
Why do I simply wish
And not actually try

It may be because
I am not who I wish am
Or maybe it’s because
I am not yet who I want to be

Human beings!
We forever continue to discriminate
Why do some people have it so easy?
Waste what they have on useless things
While others suffer, barely feeding on worms.
They waste away,  die shamefully.

Why do princes have to be so rude?
Why must princesses be arrogant, selfish and self centered
Do they know they make maids of human beings?

Cruelty, an indifference to suffering
Positive pleasure, inflicting suffering
This has become the theme of society today
Suffering and smiling.

Why do we not stand up to our leaders?
Most of us remain non challant, supporting bad governance
The bribes we let our fingers feel are cankerworms to our soul.

The powerless
You sell your precious time
Your precious time and great destiny, you sell to greedy leaders .

Cruel leaders
Mischievous and wicked.
Regardless of their beliefs
At the expense of ignorant citizens
Ignorant slaves

Now youths have also decided to sell their conscience
Joining the bang of people fighting progress
Should we continue like this?

We, the youths must refuse to embrace the ways of our leaders.
We shan’t watch Nigeria burn into ashes with ignorance and shame
It is time to rise up
Go with action, return with victory .

It is time for us to fly like a lark
Run like the cheetahs
And be as bold as the lion
God sparing our lives,
I hope this works?

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0 thoughts on “Guest Crown Art #4

  1. Emmanuel

    After reading this, I just feel all has been said. The poem with its strong words have said it all. This are the kind of young and revolutionary poets needed in this century. A nice and brilliant art work. KEEP IT UP!

    1. Thank you so much ! Wow, I’m humbled! – Temitope

    2. Adeyemo Samuel

      Wow!, this is awesome of u my dear!, and I believe it will surely go a long way in changing our youths mind-set towards how we can safe our dear country Nigeria!.. Good work!, keep it rolling dear!… *smiling*

      1. That is my hope also, I’m glad you find my art work inspiring. – Temitope

    3. Anonymous

      Woow!These are great words baby. God bless your wisdom. U shall continue to change lives with ur writings…..I am proud of u dear!

      1. Thanks so much and AMEN!

  2. jasper

    Nice one,,u re blessed with the talent of touching souls..Keep it up

    1. Thanks! I definitely will. – Temitope

  3. Dorcas

    When I read through this poem it really touched my heart.

    1. Wow! I am greatly honored! I’m happy that I could touch you. – Temitope

  4. Anonymous

    This is amazing,I believe if youth should read this they will surely have change of mind……..that realli good of u

    1. I’m humbled that you think so! Thanks for reading – Temitope

  5. okunade jaydee

    this is really touchn sis..keep the talent on.touching the youths..(us)… and filled with fact and truth.thumbs up dear.will love too read more dear.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

  6. Femi Oriowo

    An inspiring literally work and a must read for all youth.

    1. I’m glad you think so! Thanks for reading – Temitope

  7. Adebayo bukola

    Woow! Great words baby. God bless your talent. U shall continue to change lives with ur words. Am soo proud of u dear.

    1. Thanks so much, it means a lot!

  8. Mrs Adedokun Nike

    My dear daughter this poem is a true picture of the situation in the country l believed that God will use your work to change the youth of today more of it , God bless your wisdom,good work,

    1. Thank you for reading ma, I appreciate it – Temitope

  9. pearltasha

    very inspirational…… please keep it up dear….preach it on we need it

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