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Guest Crown Art #27

Mse Adzufeh makes a cheeky return to The Crown Series with Guest Crown Art #27. Guest Crown Art #27 is yet another witty offering from the fantastic hands of Mse. Similar to her Crown Series debut, this story is light hearted and relatable, especially for all the varsity students going through industrial training this summer. Read and smile, read and marvel.


Art Form : Story
Title : A Day At The Office

     I sat in the reception ; beautifully furnished with jet black, orange and yellow cozy cushion chairs while the air conditioner turned the whole reception into a mini Antarctica. The secretary, a fair pregnant and annoying woman, sat at her desk as I waited and imagined what my first day as an intern at My-Media would be like.
I hadn’t done anything like this before and I hoped it would be educative and fun, but then again, I prepared my mind for otherwise.
Still waiting at the reception, Mr. Stanley, a yuppie man of about 23 years, walked in and greeted me. I was a little familiar with him so I had peace of mind. (Finally !, I thought, someone I knew.) .
He held my hand as we briskly walked up the stairs and I admired the environment. He was in a hurry to a presentation with his team, so he handed me over to a nice young lady, Clara by name. She welcomed me warmly and her smile sent a message to my brain “it’s actually a nice place after all”.
I was again referred to a petite young lady named Samina, who then took me around the office, introducing me to everyone as I stayed freezing all the while. I met: Paul the creative guy, Emem the fashionista, Tobin, the intelligent one and David (who was quite lazy from all I have been hearing). Mr. Donald was funny and very interactive and Days was the nice guy.
Remarks from everyone followed the trail of Benue recruits flooding the company. There was Dooshima, Godwin and others, all from Benue too. As usual, I heard different versions of my name, I just kept correcting and smiling, much undisturbed. After some time, I was given terminologies by the intelligent one, I mentioned her earlier, which kept me busy, as I kept browsing about the terms.
I was enjoying the environment as everyone that passed tried to recall my name, and of course, I’ll correct and we’d both exchange smiles. This went on till the fun ended, and nope, the day wasn’t over, something happened.
The system I was using crashed. Like it stopped working. I called the IT department to check on it, as directed by Clara; no response was gotten from them.
Glory to God who loves and keeps his own, power supply went off; the AC went off, my freezing reduced drastically. This was a great thing of joy to me, but all of a sudden, everywhere became dry. Emem began watching a movie on her laptop, Samina started resting, others went for lunch, and I sat hopelessly, pressing my already low battery phone. This time was not funny at all as I just waited for time to pass it was 2:30 already and I’ve never anticipated 5 o clock this much in my whole life.

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0 thoughts on “Guest Crown Art #27

  1. Risto.

    Nice piece Mse. Never knew you had a writer in you tbh but that’s great fam! Keep going 🙂
    First comment btw :p

    1. Thanks so much! – Mse

  2. NUEL

    First of all before any other thing, I am pained I am not the first to comment. That aside, I am even afraid to comment because it might not be up to the standard of this amazing piece but still…….
    Ps: you know we are always proud of you so I don’t need to say that again……keep it up!

    1. Wow! Thanks so much! It really means a lot! – Mse

  3. Rhoda

    Hmm…interesting story Mse..thumbs up..looking forward to reading more of your stories tho

    1. Thanks so much! – Mse

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