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Guest Crown Art #2

Olaifa Blessing takes on the second Guest Crown Art. Guest Crown Art #2 is a poem inspired by one of Blessing’s close friends. Blessing is able to take this personal experience and turn it into an experience that will most definitely resonate with people of all ages. A true mark of real art.


Art Form: Poetry
Title: A Part Of Him Left In Me

I was so waylayed by his charisma
My handsome perfect man
I never knew it will all end
A part of him left in me

His emotional approaches, breath taking
When he blinks, the sky twinkles
Memories rush back
He put out his hand, I accepted his love
A part of him left in me

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart
And for us to be together and never be apart
A part of him left in me

Won’t say the feelings are all gone
He left me and the feelings still sticks
A strain not to be forgotten
A part of him left in me

The hurt dominates me
I’m left sitting on the fence
My soul is empty
A part of him left in me

Your hand I accepted
Your love as well
My hearts sings loudly
For all to hear
I am loved and in love with the perfect man
A part of him left in me

Hold my hand and let us walk
Let us be what we were meant to be
My hand I extend
My honor, I offer
A part of him left in me

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0 thoughts on “Guest Crown Art #2

  1. Durodola pelumi

    Dis is lovely dear….muah

    1. Thanks dearie ! – Blessing

  2. bello adewumi


    1. Thanks you! – Blessing

  3. oladapo olawale

    Wow 9ice 1 sister

    1. I’m glad you liked it. – Blessing

  4. Anonymous

    A twingle. tangle tale of love expressed in soulful and emotional fill artistic writting. just lyk a melodrama this fantastic

    1. Thanks so much – Blessing

  5. Ander

    Marvelous! No words to say than this.

  6. Itunuoluwa

    Nice poem.

  7. Lizzie

    luv diz dear…..nice 1

    1. I’m glad you like it! – Blessing

    1. Thanks so much – Blessing

  8. Michael

    This awesome… I love this i must say…

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