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Guest Crown Art #18

Barida Paago takes a series of pictures for Guest Crown Art #18. Guest Crown Art #18 marks Paago’s return to the Crown Series. He returns with more pictures of his former muse, Bowen University. This time Paago, through the aid of his brilliant shots, allows us to experience an edgy Sunday Service at Bowen University’s Worship Center. Enjoy the budding photographer’s latest photo collection and keep an eye out for his cameo.


Art Form : Photography
Title : And God Said, “Let There Be Style…”






IG : @Baris_St
Facebook : Barida Paago

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0 thoughts on “Guest Crown Art #18

  1. pelumi

    Nice …..u took to my advice✌✌?

  2. horla

    nyc one g….. i guess dis ur project….. b strings

  3. Busola

    It is awesome

    1. Thank you Busola! It really means a lot. – Tiwa

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