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Guest Crown Art #9

Amb takes on the task that is Guest Crown Art #9. Guest Crown Art #9 highlights what has become the trade mark of the Crown series, conflict in art. This poem is a piece that requires all your senses to be alert in order for it to reveal itself to you. However, when you finally connect the dots, the beauty of knowledge defies gratifying.

Art Form : Poetry
Title : Walls

Self created, built and mounted
Blocks gathered, created for protection
A feeling of depression interpreted as privacy
The walls built with our own hands

Challenges set for friends to overcome
With the end prize for another, your own freedom
The one you long for more than the winner
The walls built with our own hands

Built wide and built tall with upgrades to come
Protect from the wrong, scare away the right
Opportunities remain lost in open play
The walls built with our own hands

Walls blind your heart from expression
Leaving two hearts, plus yours longing for connection
One hoping for Jericho to fall, the other for freedom to come
The walls built with our own hands

I. G. : @Amb.Ore

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3 thoughts on “Guest Crown Art #9

  1. Emmanuel

    I don’t know of am permitted to use this word here but I just have to. This is “MY NIGGA”……. Some would say he is weird I say he is creative and ones again” MY NIGGA”… keep it up bro???? excellent job

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