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Glo Installs New Masts In Bowen University

The fact that most Glo users complain about the internet speed in some parts of Bowen University has prompted the telecommunications giant to take an initiative to help improve the quality of their internet services including the introduction of 4G sims and Mifi devices to the students.
On Wednesday, 8 February 2017,  some representatives of the company were seen in the school premises having a chit chat with the students. The talk revolved around what the students experience as a glo users on the campus.

At the end of their mini interview sessions, they made it clear that their services will be better than it has been in the past as they are working towards the installment of masts. The Glo masts will make network reception stronger and the internet speed faster. Students who dumped their Glo sims at home simply because they are unsure about the network’s state on campus should bring it back to school as it is certain that Glo will soon be taking the lead.

On resumption, students with 4G enabled phones can bring their old sims to school in exchange for 4G enabled ones. Mifi devices will also be available for sale; The Mifi devices are said to have the capacity of keeping 32 users connected without reducing the quality of traffic or service on each connected device

As a Bowen student, I’ll suggest everyone that’s excited for this new development should get a Glo sim as soon as possible simply because their internet services are cheap and affordable. You can share your data with your friends and partner and still have enough data till the end of the month.You and your clique can get just a mifi device with a Glo sim and you can all utilize to surf the Internet at your convenience.

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