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Come, my friend.
Let me tell you of a place you never knew.
Let me tell you of the day you’ve not seen.
Let me tell you of the sun that has not shone
Let me tell you of the rain that has not washed you.

Let me tell you of the wind that has not blown your hair this way and that.
I can take you there.
For I have been there.

Don’t ask for the way.
Don’t ask for the name.
Simply hold my hand;
And I’ll take you there.
I promise to be there when you feed your eyes with the view;

When you let the birds sing to your spirit;
When you let the sea roar your name;
We’ll watch the sunset together;
When night comes to chase men to their abodes,

We’ll pitch our tents side by side.
It’s all we’ve always wanted;
To be together.
I could sing this song a thousand times.

Just to be close to your heart;
To hold your hands in the dark;
And draw my name from your lips.
It’s all we’ve always wanted;
You’ll sing me love’s anthem
While I drift to sleep in your arms.

Let’s leave at dawn
And never return.

– Lola Lone
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