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The Famzing Culture: Everything You Should Know About It & Why You Should Care

Is there anything wrong with Famzing? I definitely don’t think so and here’s why!

I spent most of the past week reminiscent, the cause of this will be explained in my next article. For now I’d like to shed some light on my some of the opinions formed from my mind’s throwbacks. When the video of the Mo’Hits jam, “Booty Call“,  was released in about 2006/2007, there was this unmissable light skinned boy I noticed in the video. In 2009/2010, I saw that same boy in a video of his own. He is an artiste named Jozi (apparently this was the name of the band but I digress).


In 2013, he was with AKA in the video of the hit song “Run Jozi (Godly)” as a featured artist. He’s solo now and he goes by Da L.E.S. He is also featured on AKA’s mega hit “All Eyes On Me“. All this hit me and I googled Da L.E.S. He’s been on a good run in his music career and Wikipedia had no record of his appearance on the “Booty Call” video. I’m imagining he was probably just in the place at the time. I’m wondering what sort of connections, being on that video opened for him and now to what I was wondering about.

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One of my favorite Nigerian artistes today said on a podcast last year (I quote paraphrasing) “Small talk is really important.” We really don’t know what these island kids did when this “Famzing” came up, how it limited everyone and we can never actually understand this asides through small talk.”

NB: You should at least twice a month find an intelligent Gemini to analyze specific situations to the root, but I don’t want to impose on your free time but we do an epic job.

How do you think you are going to make it to the top from the bottom if you really want to be alone? Even if you are an introvert or whatever you want to claim your problem is, remember that even “Started From The Bottom” King Drake had to stick close to Lil Wayne to come and tell you that he started from the bottom. MI had Jeremiah Gyang (some of you don’t know who Jeremiah is!!!) Dangote, Dantata; Justin Bieber, Usher; Kanye, Jay-Z. Do you see how much bigger some of these people are than those whose backs they climbed?

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Wikipedia won’t tell the world that you famzed to achieve your growth. Stop with your broke pride. I’m broke and I’m looking for opportunities to get myself out there. If you aren’t at the height you want yet, please leave that “May them no come talk say…” in your house. If you know someone who may know someone, please don’t be too big to be a good friend to this someone. Don’t be saying “only day one’s” and be stuck in the same level that you were on day one. Thank you and God bless.

– Twinless Gemini
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DISCLAIMER: Don’t be an unfortunate person. Don’t use people for your gain and now be useless to them and others around you. Before Amadioha breaks the ladder and you are stuck at the bottom. If you want to famz and stay on the famzing level, instead of growing it to at least a friendship. Just don’t. Stick with your regular sh-t. And by the way, you should start listening to the Hectic Podcast on SoundCloud.

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