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Enough To Go Around

Tears. Enough to go around.
For the mother who didn’t say goodbye,
Who deemed it unnecessary.
For the father, who was too proud to apologize;
Who may be too broken to cry.
For minds that may have broken the ceiling,
Who never got a chance to climb.
For the ceremonies and matrimonies that ended in flames
For those that never got to be planned.

For you, the kingdom into which I was born,
I have nought but contempt and scorn.
For we have let our kings live forever
Eating our flesh,
Swimming in the lavish of our blood.
Drunk off of our tears.
We have sat stupid,
Cried in angst and pain,
Blaming our gods for not leading the king aright.
Dread and despair. Enough to go around.

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Tomorrow, he’ll tell us to go and question our gods.
Tomorrow, we will go and question our gods.
We will apologize for sins and ask that they hold back
The consequences of anger that they feel towards us.
Tomorrow, we will go to the priest,
Ask him if any rebel god had given him:
A sign as to why we are being punished;
The day of our future punishments;
Hope that these will pass.
Those of us who fled the kingdom
Remain attached to our plight at heart.
Pain. Enough to go around.

Amidst all of my tears, your fears, our pain.
We have sought solace in the places from which the hurt emanates.
We have shared pains, passed blame and returned
To wait for another day the executioner’s axe drops.
We have offered sacrifices and avoided solutions.
Tomorrow, the tears will dry,
The blood will sink,
The fires will die.
Tomorrow, he will be king, and we will be whisperers of hope.
Tomorrow, the pain of the bereaved will be hidden
While we gather to gossip about our shortcomings,
While we focus on the dancing festivities.
Until fires rise again,
And blood marks our footsteps,
And we are reminded to make sacrifices to the angry gods.

(Dedicated to the lives lost because we don’t have any real humans in government)

-Twinless Gemini
IG @insertcrownhere
Twitter @cracksonacrown
#StayCrowned ⚜

(please don’t forget that you are the change you seek. 2019 is close. God didn’t do it. You are intelligent enough to know. fight. cry first, then fight.)

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