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Education Is A Hill, Climb It!

There is a treasure up there
Especially at the hilly side
And everyone is entitled to
Get it, but it is a choice.

A choice is not by accident
But by incident
Because a choice lies within desire.

A desire to swerve towards
A treasure on the hill,
And from the base
Is generally called an education.

Education is a hill,
Climb it.
A treasure on the hill
Is found when it thoroughly searches for it.
It is not to sit and watch
But to strive to climb it
And this is called a mission.

Education is a mission.
It is a mission to change notion
About impossibility to possibility
Through the effort of hardworking – climb it.

Hardworking is ultimately the best friend
Of education and this end
Lies within the use of energy consumed
Not energy wasted.
Hardworking gives birth to focus.

Ability to focus on a particular treasure
Means an education and
Education is a treasure from far
Particularly on the hill,
Which needs to be focused.
Climb it and do not compromise.

Do not compromise
Because education is a journey.
Be determined and journey towards it.

Education is a journey
Because once a treasure
Is seen, one gazes for another treasure.
Education is like a want
That is endless
But death is the ultimate
End of education – destination.

Destination is the end
In the realm of treasure-searching
And climbing the hill when
Death knocks at the door.

Death is the destination in education for someone not everyone.
Everyone will die but not at a time.
Education is a hill, climb it.

Death is inevitable;
Education is evitable.
Make a choice.

– Onike
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