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EBook Review – 14 By Nanya Kooper

TheArtOfAde.comBy Adeoluwa Atayero 

There’s only so much you can expect from an anthology of 14 love poems released on February 14 titled “14”. Nanya Kooper must have realized this when putting together his latest collection of poetry which is why he chose to take the road less taken.

When it comes to poetry, especially love poems, there are only a few stories which we have not heard already and are tired of hearing. Kooper was somehow to find these few stories and tell them from refreshing angles.

TheArtOfAde.comOne of the coolest things about the anthology is the selecting of images. The poems are laced with brilliantly edgy depictions of love and union. A personal favorite is the picture of Barack and Michelle placed on page 29 right before the last poem.

For I deem it neccessary to let honey flow from your lips
Dripping down slowly, passing through your thighs
Should I be faulted to this?
I think not

– An Ode For Nini, P. 14

Nanya does not disappoint with his signature, justified portion of raunch. The quixotic poems in the anthology are laced with enough bawdy material to keep the readers   willing to read just one more poem.

TheArtOfAde.comLove is a beautiful thing and like all truly beautiful phenomena, it is at its best when its simple and authentic. 14 is a reminder of this fact as it takes the reader on one smooth train ride, from stop to stop, never loosing focus and never loosing essence. You can download the compilation of poetry here.

– Kooper
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