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Deity Poetry: Sauda

What If God Is Dark And Beautiful?

What better time than now?
To express my heart the way I can.
I sang till I could hear me no more;
I cried till my strength was gone from me.
But I still felt so ungrateful.

The sweet things you tell me when no one is there;
The beautiful presents you give even when I do nothing.
I tried to imagine a life without you;
Fear came upon me and made my fingers numb…too numb to write,
My spirit threatened to leave me,
My feet failed me and left me lying helplessly at your feet.

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Sauda Has Done Great Things

You touched me and took my fears away.
You covered me with the warmest of all kinds of love.
You carried me in your safe arms, my home.
So I thought…
‘What better time than now to tell you how much I love you?’

I walk the cold grounds of death daily, yet I’m not consumed.
Because your rod and your staff here daily attend.
To correct and guide me.
You oppressed all my foes and made them as toothless dogs.
So I thought…
‘Who else can love me this much, save you?’

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You’ve so beautifully ordained all events even before the hills stood in order.
How beautiful are your works.
Sauda, my God, Sauda.


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