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I’m wide awake; but my eyes are heavy
Not from sleep but from my own tears.
I’m wide awake and you see me;
But I don’t see you,
Nor do I me.

I’m talking but I can’t hear me
I’m struggling to breathe;
Breathe through these memories, These images…
The ones you left me with.

TheArtOfAde.comI shouted at you
You stormed out
I slammed the door
And waited for your call
But you never did call

Tell me it’s not too late;
Too late for you to come back.
I still believe in us;
And I know you do too.

Let’s fight together
Or I’ll never fight
Not even for breath.
So the door of my heart is open;
For you alone to walk right through
And whisk me away from this land;

Where night falls at dawn;
And gloom is the air we breathe.
Come back and tell me you’ll never leave me.
Wake me from this dream.

– Lola Lone

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