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Day 42 – Pay Attention To Jombo

Good morning Crown Nation,

       It’s Friday at last! I have to tell you that I can’t wait to wake up at whatever time tomorrow. This was a very busy week at both and at my office. I’ve been able to pull through, however, and now the week is finally over.

       Yesterday was actually quite an interesting day for me. I was assigned to interview an official agent from The American Embassy. I’m doing a story on the Black Lives Matter movement, so my editor asked me to get an official comment from the embassy.

       I arrived at the embassy and got my interview; everything was going all nice and dandy until Baba Crown did something very very stupid. For those of you who have not been to The American Embassy in Carrington Crescent, Victoria’s Island, there is a beautiful ship dock inside the premises. The ships on the dock look like they are straight out of a music video.


     There were signs all around that clearly read “No Pictures” and “No Waiting”.  Of course I wasn’t paying attention, so I brought out my phone to take a quick picture. That was when I heard “Heys! come here!”

       That was the beginning of my thirty minute tussle with these two navy men. One of the navy men, let’s call him Jombo, was especially vexed. He didn’t even want to hear sorry. He ceased my phone and threatened to throw it away.

       Its funny to recount now but at that moment, funny was the farthest thing from it. Jombo was convinced that I intentionally discarded the signs for whatever reason.

    After walking up and down for half an hour, the other navy guy started begging for me and my phone was released. There is only lesson to be learned from this. Always Pay Attention. It is the only way to avoid unneccesary headaches. 

      That is where we’ll wrap it off for today. Wishing you all a most crowned weekend ahead. Till our next adventure, keep your crowns up.

From The Lagos Side,

Baba Crown

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