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Day 40 – Polar Bears and Drunk Drivers

Good morning Crown Nation,

     Welcome to a brand new Wednesday. I can’t believe we’ve been on this Lagos adventure together for fourty whole days! It’s really remarkable that y’all have listened  to my ramblings for so long. I am truly grateful. 

        Yesterday was a “chilled” day at work. The apostrophes abound because I mean it was literally chilled. There are some polar bears  at my place of work who don’t believe the air conditioner is working until the entire office feels like the frozen food section at Shop Rite.

      Unfortunately there are some boss polar bears, so there’s not much you can do about it but to sneeze. By the time you perform the greatest hits of sneezing for them and they get tired of saying bless you, a light bulb will come on by force.

     My drive home from work was also quite interesting. One of my colleagues at work was mugged in a “One Chance” on Sunday so I tried to be very cautious before entering a bus yesterday. I know it’s not by power or by might, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful, or so I thought.

        After all my cautionary measures, I still ended up entering a bus with a drunk driver. As in the guy was flat out drunk. For whatever reason, I chose to sit in front, right next to him.The guy was cracking all kinds of jokes and the passengers were all laughing sheepishly, out of fear and the fact that the jokes were actually funny, but mostly fear.

Jesus did not die on the cross so that I’ll die in Molue.

          I was the first passenger to get off the bus. I sha hope all the other passengers got home safely. What that experience taught me is that it’s ridiculous to think you can take care of yourself. There are all kinds of evils that you cannot foresee. Your best bet will always be to commit yourself into God’s hands.

      I wish you all a most successful and productive Wednesday ahead. Till our next adventure, keep your crowns up.

From The Lagos Side,

Baba Crown 

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3 thoughts on “Day 40 – Polar Bears and Drunk Drivers

  1. Crown

    Nice work baba crown, funny and informative

  2. Sharon

    Thank God for you dear. Yes it’s just God’s grace that’s sustaining us a bike, I guess that was this month. This guy was dozing & driving. I kept counting the Nods he made while driving and when it got to number 8, I told him to park. I paid him & he left. Now I entered another bike & believe me, this other man was speeding like I was about to miss an international flight. My dear, I closed my eyes and began to pray… So that’s it people, God z our shield… Have a crowned Wednesday y’all.

  3. Baba Crown

    It is well, Drivers need to take their jobs seriously. Thanks for the comment!

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