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CROWNtulations #2

    We celebrate one of the finest Crown Nation citizens today. Oluwaseyifunmi Sogunle got the distinct honour of interviewing one of Nigeria’s greatest, Helen Paul at Helen Paul’s Film School! Seyi shares the unbelievable experience with us. Read and be inspired, read and marvel .


           I was told I would be interviewing the incomparable Helen Paul. Initially, I was so nervous but interestingly enough, the person that informed me was not even bothered that I would flop. My friend even told me i would do great.

       Inspite of all these encouragements, I was still so nervous that I would fumble. Eventually the day of the interview came. With my heart almost in my throat and a smile on my face that probably showed my nervousness, I entered her office. 

It was shocking. 

She was so nice. She told us to take our seat. She engaged us. She talked and told jokes. Usually I would be very talkative but i still couldn’t believe the reality of it. The reality that she could be this free and familiar with her guests and that i could sit and even talk to her for that long. I kept still and was just smiling. 

    I spoke in bits though. When it was time for the interview to commence, she came to me and assisted in touching up my make up and made my hair look presentable. She was patient with me when I made mistakes, corrected me and even told me to relax. But how could I relax, i was having a discussion with one of the great women I respect!

     The interview went well with her guidance and it was fun. I had a great time and I learned a lot. I was really excited and I had a great time, you can see this from my very big smile.??? I was glowing. She’s a nice, caring and care free person. I forgot to mention, She’s my friend now!

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0 thoughts on “CROWNtulations #2

  1. Oluwaseyifunmi

    Awwwnnn… beautiful

  2. Kazeem Oluwaseyi

    Wow….Congrats you have gotten a new talkative friend…. Lol

  3. Duvessa

    Go girl! You’re a Gem…….. Love your smile tho.

  4. Daddy

    That’s my girl Congrats!

  5. oluwadunsin

    seyi baby have never doubted your abilities…. sugar enjoy you are going places

  6. Adejumobi Timilehin

    fell of the sky, now you’re flying…… nice one dear

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