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The Crown Team On Campus – Top 10 Photographers Of Bowen University In 2017

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, time for the highly anticipated end of the year lists. We will be releasing our ‘Top’ lists for 2017 as the month goes on to celebrate the various creatives who have stood out this year.

We are starting this journey of commendation with the campus photographers at Bowen University, where we have a Crown Team district.

Firstly, we need to make something clear: in photography there’s really no such thing as “the best” because photography has gone beyond just a skill and has evolved into an art. This therefore makes it difficult to know who’s better. However, ‘costumer preference’ and ‘professional skill’ have made it possible to evaluate these Bowen photographers.

The criteria for the placement of the nominees are:

  1. Must Be Currently Enrolled In Bowen University
  2. Versatility
  3. Consistency
  4. Display of Skill
  5. Editing Prowess
  6. Equipment
  7. Creativity
  8. Originality
  9. Brand Management
  10. Universal Appeal

Based on the criteria listed above, these are the top ten Bowen University photographers that rocked our 2017.

Honourable Mention

Although he  did not make our list for one reason or the other, we would like to acknowledge the following photographer for his genius work.

Tor Visuals

Name – Victor Ayoola

IG – @Torvisuals01

Department – Communication and Performing Arts

Level – 300

And Now For The Top Ten! (Drumroll Please)

10.  Kore Gold

Name – Aderinto Ayoade

IG – @Koregold

Department – Mass Communication

Level – 400

We are starting with the number 10 on our list, Kore Gold. Kore stands out because he has style and he knows how to use nice angles to captivate his audience. He specializes in photoshoots and has an exquisite sense for location photography.

9.  KITI Photography

Name – Kiti Aiyegbusi

IG – @Aiykiti

Department – Communication and Performing Arts

Level – 400

Next on the list is KITI Photography. Kiti specializes in fashion photography and editorials. His eye for colour blending in photographs is always brilliant and sharp.

8. Mohi Studio

Name – Mohamed Aminu

IG – @Mohi_Studio

Department – Mass Communication

Level – 400

Coming in at number 8 is Mohi Studio. His unique perspective coupled with his digital prowess makes him a photographer to watch out for. His color separation and frame composition are consistently excellent. Mohi is a wonderful photographer we can’t wait to see more from next year.

7. Oloruntoba JPEG

Name – Oloruntoba Alo

IG – @Oloruntoba.jpeg

Department – Computer and Information Technology

Level – 400

Oloruntoba.JPEG. is not just a photographer but he’s also an artist. Toba is a creative photographer that brings the most out of a photo through various means. He has the ability to tell stories through make up and some impressive editing skills and we can’t get enough of it.

6. Phantom Photography

Name – Damilola Owolabi

IG – @Phantom_shots

Department – Mass Communication

Level – 400

Phantom Photography’s works are laced with traits of professionalism. He makes skillful use of his equipment to achieve the best image possible.

5. Oba’s Imagery

Name – Obaloluwa Akinniyi – Tayo

IG – @Obas_imagery

Department – Mass Communication

Level – 400

Oba’s Imagery is an excellent photographer that specializes in portrait photography but also tries his hand with photoshoots. He continues to hone his skills and prove that there’s no genre of photography that he cannot decipher.

4. Jermaine Media

Name – Jermaine Okpe

IG – @Jermainemedia_bowenuni

Department – 200

Level – Law

Jermaine is well known for his photojournalism and special concepts in photography. No one  has mastered event and lifestyle photography quite like this brand master.

3. Paramount Empire Photography

Name – Teslim Olusi

IG – @Paramountempirephotography

Department – Mass Communication

Level – 300

Paramount Empire Photography is a well kitted and experienced photographer who has made himself distinct with the various forms of photography he takes on. PE does everything from travel, event coverage, portraits, concepts, corporate and casual photography. PE proves that you can be a jack and master of all trades.

2. AK Photography

Name – Adekunle Aboyeji

IG – @Iamakay_

Department – Economics

Level – 300

Diligence and superior prowess places AK Photography in the number 2 spot on our list. He is a pro when it comes to portrait photography and beauty digital photography. His images are always distinct and unique like other iconic artists before him.

1. Joyce Peters

Name – Joyce Peters

IG – @_joycepeters_

Department – Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Level – 300

Joyce Peters is our number 1! She is the customer’s choice when it comes to portraits, casual and celebratory photography. She is very involved in the digital part of photography and makes sure she is overtly satisfied with her images before sharing with the public. She is a very talented and consistent photographer as she has maintained her spot as number 1 for the past few years.

What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comment section below.

– Ol’vistas
IG : @Olvistas


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6 thoughts on “The Crown Team On Campus – Top 10 Photographers Of Bowen University In 2017

  1. I.M.P

    This is an amazing list you have here. A huge shoutout to Jermaine Media and Kiti but Joyce Peters is without a doubt No.1 🙏🏾❤️

    1. Olumide Ogunyale

      Thanks sir

  2. Amb


  3. Nice. Great. Beautiful. When you have Oba’s Imagery, Kore Gold, Phantom Photography, the list is complete.




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