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Crown Playlist #2

The Crown Playlist is a weekly music review featuring five songs suggested to our readers based on the quality of the songs. The playlist will feature five songs that come from both Nigeria and the West.  The playlist will offer a critical review of the songs and provide some background information either about the creation of the song or the relevance of the song. The playlist will give our readers an opportunity to develop a wider palette for new music and remember some of the old ones they already know.


1. Show By Victoria Kimani – Kenyan born, Chocolate City artiste, Victoria Kimani’s Show was made to be blasted from car speakers during the summer. Victoria’s slick vocals are layered perfectly on Tekno’s smooth production. The song doesn’t try to be anything more than what it already is, a summer jam. It is not lyric heavy and has enough kick to complement any of the latest dance crazes. Kimani and her label definitely have a hit in their hands with Show.

2. Made Of Light By Mikky Ekko – You may think the name of the artiste sounds familiar because Mikky Ekko wrote and was featured on Rihanna’s hit ballad Stay. With Made of Light, Mikky reminds us that he is not a fluke, either as a songwriter or an artiste. Made of Light is an empowerment anthem like no other. Mikky’s soulful vocals shine on top of the soaring production. The lyrics of the song are intricate without trying too hard but also simple enough to allow the song to be the empowerment anthem it is.  Mikky proves that he is in the calibre of songwriters that knows how to write hits for themselves. For anyone that has never heard Mikky’s solo material, this is the song that will make you a fan.

3. Duro Timi By Yemi Alade – Yemi Alade brings her usual sass with a touch of soul to her latest single. Duro Timi is a mid tempo “love going wrong” ballad, the type that doesn’t work with sass but Yemi is able to pull it off without too many bruises. The champion of the song is Yemi’s vocals. She slips in and out from sass to emotional like a pro and the harmonies in the background are right on point. We are not used to hearing Yemi Alade emotional or harmonizing so for her, this song is a pleasant surprise.

4. Out Of The Woods By Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift’s latest album, 1989, has received so many awards and accolades this year and it is all thanks to songs like Out Of The Woods. Arguably the best song on the album, Out Of The Woods doesn’t sound like anything in the pop sphere right now. Taylor’s usual relationship driven lyrics are the template of the song. The difference between this song and Swift’s past love songs is the atmosphere. Everything about the song reflects its atmosphere. The lyrics, the melody, the vocals and the production place you right where Taylor wants you. Jack Antonoff’s production is the other champion of the song. The drum heavy atmospheric production harmonises all the other elements of the song so well that it makes them all feel interwoven. Many of Taylor’s fans have wondered why she hasn’t made this song a single. The answer is clear: when a song is this masterful, you don’t leave it at the mercy of the radio.

5. Lagos Boys By Olamide – If there was any doubt that Olamide is the hardest working artiste in the game right now, Lagos Boys put such doubts to rest. Olamide has been reinventing himself lately with the edgy decision of releasing an array of singles as opposed to releasing an album. Using this method would have failed and have been annoying if the singles weren’t as great as they are. Olamide has reached the nirvana in artistry that every artiste dreams of reaching. He is at a place where he knows his sound and knows who to work with to bring it out. Lagos Boys wins at every round; from lyrics to vocal delivery to production, it doesn’t do anything wrongly. The icing on the cake was the music video for the song which Olamide released recently. Just like Olamide’s videos for Shakitibobo and Melo Melo, the video doesn’t look rich, but classy. Olamide has also noticeably been using less scantily clad video vixens in his videos. Nigerians are always making a fuss about artistes using naked girls in their videos so when one of the very best stops using them , it should be noted and duly lauded. We might never get to know what spurred this change in the rapper but one thing is sure, we are delighted by it.

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