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The Lagos Logs – Day 14

The Lagos Logs – Day 14

 Good morning Crown Nation.

      It rained in Lagos this morning. It has subsided now and the atmosphere is cool. I’m in my aunty’s friend’s car on my way to work. 

No dirty smelly Lagos public transport this morning.

        Yesterday was really cool. I went to service at DayStar and you’ll never guess who I saw. Analog! Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t plan it, we actually just happened to be at church at the same time. The service was lit.

         I cut my hair yesterday. I stylishly asked my uncle where he cuts his hair on Saturday, knowing fully well that he cuts his hair at one place where they charge 1k. I know this because he took me there the last time I came.

Everything is scope.

      So he told me that I should just chill till Sunday so we could go together. Lo and behold, Sunday came and I followed him. Apparently, the owners of the barbershop where he used to cut his hair relocated so he found a new spot.

      The new spot was inside the Lesiure Mall, not too far from our house. The place was packed. This was because there was also a hair salon inside the shop which was inside an actual hair store.

         There were a lot of people there so we waited a while before it was our turn. When it was my turn though, it was worth the wait. They cut my hair, washed my head, blow dried with an actual blow dryer, cleaned it with a hot towel, massaged my head then blow dried it again. I can still feel the massage. 

        The funny thing is that even when I had a head full of hair, my hair was never blow dried. It’s now  that I don’t have hair that blow dryer is my fate.

My people, see God.

      They charge 2k to cut hair at that place by the way. When I was leaving, the barber said “I’ll be expecting you next time bro”. I smiled and felt like showing him the log from the day where I ran away from a #500 haircut.

      We just passed the Maryland Mall and I heard that they will be having their grand opening today.

         We had fellowship yesterday and after the gathering, we went out to pass out invites for a program we will be having next week at the fellowship. I would like to invite any of you that will be around for the hour long program. Pastor Sam Adeyemi himself would be coming for the event, which will begin by 4:00 at 25 Eric Manuel Street.

         Twale by Flo is playing, that’s my morning jam. I wish you all a Crowned Monday. Take over the world, today is your day! Till our next adventure. 

From The Lagos Side,

I Sassy

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  1. OLU

    Lol…seems like another day of good adventure. Keep it going bruv ????

  2. anonmsemous ;)

    lol.nice nice. the head thing too, sexual if you ask me.. then why do you call her analog tho?

    1. Ahaha that’s her nickname at the magazine oo

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