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The Lagos Logs – Day 13

The Lagos Logs – Day 13

Good evenning Crown Nation.

I’m sorry about the lateness of today’s log but I told you guys how hard it is for me to write them  when I’m not in public transport.

Let’s get right to it. I did nothing yesterday. It’s sad but true. I went to work to hang out with two of my Bowen buddies and then I ended going to Computer Village for the first time to buy meat pie .

This Baba Crown and food sha….

When we got to Computer Village, the guy I was with told me to hold my phone in my hand to avoid sadness and depression. While I was walking and holding my phone, two different guys came to meet me and were like “Oga shey you wan sell your phone?”. It was actually funny though.

Although I didn’t do much yesterday ,and i am someone who hates not being productive, it was good. I needed it . I’ve not really had a day to myself since I’ve come back from school. Between the site and work, I’ve been out and about.

It is essential that you learn to give yourself a break every now and then. We all need to refresh out batteries so that we can be productive and sane.

Every new day is a day closer to the release to my new song and I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I will be announcing  the name of the song sometime this week so stay tuned.

I’m wishing  you all a productive week ahead. Lest I forget, make sure you take time out to thank God for seeing you till this time in the year. This year has swallowed so many people especially during these last couple of weeks. Be grateful for everything and appreciate everyone in your life, tomorrow might be too late. Thank you for your time. Till our next adventure ✌?️

From The Lagos Side,

Baba Crown

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice onee…Thanks..when is your song coming out?

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