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The Lagos Logs – Day 1

The Lagos Logs  – Day 1 

     What’s good Crown Nation!

          So yesterday I started my internship at Ovation Magazine at Opebi, Lagos . I was actually supposed to write and post this yesterday but your boy was feeling a bit lazy. Anyway that doesn’t matter because here I am writing it now. 

        Ovation is actually really cool and as official as one would assume . We had to meet a deadline so myself and my fellow colleague from Bowen University were given two articles each to write. I was able to type one and not the other but I’ll get that done today. 

         I’ve been assigned to the High Court to cover stories so before I get to work today I have to branch there to find out when the sittings are. Everything is happening so quickly and surprisingly so smoothly. I have spent so much time in my life worrying about this moment now. I wish I could go back and tell young Ade to just calm down and relax. Everything will turn out fine. 

       As for Lagos, Lagos is fun. It’s every bit as inspiring and alive as I expected it to be . It’s so weird things meet up to your expectation and live up to the hype. I have to admit that being in Lagos does make me miss New York but I know I am exactly where I need to be.

      I’ve been struggling to pray in the morning and of course today when I wake up early and there’s light and virtually no excuse not to pray, I still haven’t . After I finish writing this, I’ll grove myself and I pray it becomes a habit lol God help me. 

         This has been fun so far. I was actually dreading writing this but now I’m more than three paragraphs in. I’ll be back later today or tomorrow lol Go accomplish great things till then. 

From the Lagos side, 
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