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Crown Feature: Meet Matthew Abiala – The Royal Set President Of Anatomy 

Name: Abiala Matthew

Portfolio: President of Anatomy Department '16/'17 session

Interest: Saving lives and making people to understand the value of it.

Selling Point: I have a way with people.

Motivation: The fear of been average.

Likes:  I like the kind of friends I have and I also love staying put with my mum.

Parting Line: " I can do all things through Christ who has strengthened me" – Philippians 4:13

Legacy: As the president of my department, I have served well in my capacity. I am the first president to register my department, Bowen Anatomy Chapter, to the national body.

I also went to the national conference (Anatomy Society Student of Nigeria) held in Anambra state in Nigeria. I participated in many competitions and I was crowned as the best student at the conference.

Granted the work I do in my department, I was made vice president of the national association.

– Matthew
IG: @Dr_abiala
Twitter: @Abialamatthew
Snapchat: @Young_doctor1
Facebook: Abiala Matthew


IG : @TheArtOfAde
Twitter : @TheArtOfAde
BBM Channel : C001FDB41
Facebook Page : The Art Of Ade
Email : [email protected]

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