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Crown Feature: Meet Marvelle – The King Of Trap Soul

The King Of Trap Soul

Every new artiste claims to be different. They all claim that their story is new and their sound is the coolest new thing. We’ve heard and seen acts come and go, year in year out, recreating and copying. However, once every other blue moon a new artiste with a truly new sound comes along and rides in on a new wave with a new name. Today is the day of that other blue moon and the new artiste is MarvelleThe King Of Trap Soul.

Here’s his story.





What’s the story behind your name?

My stage name is Marvelle and I got it from my real name Marvellous. I feel like there is something unique about that name and something that distinguishes me from every other artiste.


When did you know music would be your thing?

I have been doing music since I was little. It was all child’s play but the music always came easily to me. I knew music was for me when I was kid because I just couldn’t do without it.


Talk to us about your music. You call it Trap Soul?

Yes, It all started about a year ago. I got influenced by so many amazing artistes and I was inspired to create my own genre. I call it Trap Soul because it is basically a combination of soul music and trap music. One way I can describe that truly does it justice is Fela trapping the soul.

My music is spiritual and very unpredictable; I could be walking on the street and it would just hit me. It comes to me easily because it’s purely God’s inspiration.





You mentioned that you got influenced by so many amazing artistes. Who are they?

First of all is God followed by Fela, Chronixx, Bryson Tiller, Wizkid, Bob Marley, Burna Boy, Wande Coal and Chris Brown.



Do you think there’s a space for you in the Nigerian music industry today?

I believe I am the evolution of  the  African (Nigerian) musical sound. The sky is big enough for everyone to fly so I have no fears. They don’t know what’s coming!


Apart from making music, what else are you doing right now?

I am a Mass Communication student at the University of Benin.


What’s your plan for music this year?

I am set to release my debut extended play and I hope for everything to go amazingly. I am so excited to share my work with the world, its been a long time coming.





Lorde or Khalid?



Your least favorite Nigerian pop star is …

I am sorry but I have no least favorite musician. I believe every artiste out there is trying their best and working extra hard to give the audience what they desire so I do not have a least favorite.


The problem with Nigerian music today is… and you’re going to solve it by …

I feel like Nigerian music right now concentrates more on the beauty of the beat and not as much on the actual song. I feel that only a few Nigerians appreciate good music and I am here to change that by giving Nigerians music they can’t say no to.


Listen to Marvelle’s With Hannah below:

Twitter: @Marvelle_muzik
Instagram: @Marvelle_muzik


IG : @TheArtOfAde
Twitter : @TheArtOfAde
Facebook Page : The Art Of Ade
Email : [email protected]

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