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Crown Feature : Meet Kehinde Olorunfemi – The Fashion Forward Businessman

By Adeoluwa Atayero

       There’s an old adage that states that two heads are better than one. In the case of the tour de force that is the Redemption clothing brand, this adage is proven to be true time and time again. On this edition of Crown Feature, we get to meet the other half that completes the Redemption success story. Check out our exclusive interview with the remarkable Mr. Femi below.

Let’s begin with the boring bio data information; your legal name, date of birth, state of origin, university and department.

      My name is Kehinde Olorunfemi and I was born on October 29 1995. I hail from Ogun State and I am also a graduate of Landmark University, where I studied Economics.

I am sure so many people are wondering how an Economics student got into the fashion business. Can you break it down for us?

       Well my story is quite different; I’m not like other designers that had a thing for fashion from their childhood days. In my case, I’ve always liked doing business and I also happen to have a good fashion sense.

     I decided to start up a fashion line as a business and use my academic knowledge to manage the business efficiently.

That’s actually makes a lot of sense. Now we know that you run the brand with your partner, Akin. How did you guys meet? 

     Myself and Akin are longtime friends from secondary school. We both had the idea of starting up a fashion line and it was quite hard getting funds and support, but here we are today.

You mentioned that it was difficult acquiring funds to get the business up and running. What was your start up year like ?

      The startup year was actually awesome for the brand. We accomplished our short term goal faster than we expected and now we working towards achieving our long term goals.

How were you all to acquire the necessary funds to start off your business?

     We sourced funds from family members and our personal savings.

What is the biggest challenge that the the brand has faced thus far?

     The only challenge the brand faced was making quick deliveries to our customers but that is a thing of the past now.

When did you get your first big break and what was it ?

      Our first break happened a while after we started the business. We sold our first set of designs in a fairly short period of time.

How do you parents feel about your decision to run your brand full time?

      My parents are in full support of me doing this. What most parents, if not all, want is to give their children good education and see them become successful people. Now that I’m done with school they are supportive of my brand.

Walk us through the Redemption Wears creative process.

    It’s actually quite simple here because we have tailors that work with us. We take your designs and orders, work on them and when your order is ready, we deliver.

When you were in school, how did you balance your brand with your academics ?

    It’s all about good time management. When its time for books, I focus on books and when its time for business, I focus on business.

What are the notable accomplishments that the brand has been able to achieve?

     We have been able to penetrate the fashion market with our unique designs. The brand has made its name heard in the industry and we have been nominated many times for awards. However, we have only one which is our LUESA 2016 award.

What is the next big project for Redemption Wears?

    Omo we have alot but soon they will be made known. Just expect something big from us.

Do you have any  advice you’d like to share for anyone who wants to try their hand at what you do?

    Please follow your dreams and turn your passion into profits. Don’t be too focused on making the money, focus instead on satisfying your customers 100%. Always standout in whatever you do and make sure you do it with all your heart.

– Femi
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