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Crown Feature : Meet Joyce Peters – Photographer Extraordinaire


By Adeoluwa Atayero

     Joyce Peters is the last born of the remarkable Peters’ family. Her sister is an award winning blogger while her brother is a super efficient manager you don’t want to mess with. Joyce has decided to carve out her own lane with her lens and granted the fact that the 100level Bowen University undergraduate is already nominated for an award in the upcoming Nigerian Private University Awards, you can see that Joyce is a girl on a mission. Check out our exclusive interview with Joyce below.

Kindly give us an official introduction. What school do you attend and what you are studying?

     Well my name is Joyce Peters and I attend Bowen University, Iwo. I am enrolled in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Let’s get down to business. How did you get into photography?

       It’s actually quite funny. Some of my friends saw some random pictures I took with my phone and I guess they were impressed because they advised me to go into photography. I’m glad I took the advice because I love being a photographer.

Were you doing something else  before you discovered photography?

     Believe it or not, I used to be a model. It was mainly runway modeling, but after a while I guess I preferred being behind the camera as opposed to being in front of it.

What’s your main aim when you are taking pictures and how do you go about achieving this?
       I work with inspiration. I try my best to not to take pictures with typical people in nice clothes. I aim to show creativity in my work. I basically achieve this by having fun and playing music during the shoot.

Who are the photographers that you look up to and why?

      Kristinan Schuller because he is a creative genius and it comes through in his pictures. Ty Bello because everything she does is so inspired. Nicole Adehi (Valeo) and T – Sticks because I love the way they work. We went to the same university before I moved so I got to see them work firsthand.

Let’s talk about the dough. Money is important in every field, but especially in photography when you are trying to create a specific piece. How do you get paid to do what you want with your photography ?

     To achieve a specific concept for a client, I discuss my rates with my client and allow them to choose the one they prefer.

For our readers out there who are interested in being shot by Joyce Peters, what are your rates like?

    A two hour shoot for as many pictures as the client wants, that’s eight thousand Naira. For fifteen pictures, the fee is three thousand Naira and two hundred Naira for one picture.

     We would like to thank Joyce for taking time out to grant the interview. We wish you the very best with your nomination and can’t wait to see your latest collections of artistic stills. To contact Joyce, you can check out her contact information below.

– Joyce
IG : @JoycePeters
VSCO : @Joycept
Facebook : Joyce Peters


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