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Crown Feature: Meet Johnson Eseoghene – Your Favourite New Humanitarian 

The Art Of ADE
By Adeoluwa Atayero 

There are many trending career paths in this new age. We have loads of make up artists, photographers, musicians, film makers, models, fashion designers, DJs, actors, and even bloggers. Finding a member of this jet age passionately chasing a career that is not one of the aforementioned or that does not bring them money is like trying to find a pearl in the ocean, you’ll find it but man, you’d really have to search. Today’s Crown Feature is all about a pearl named Johnson Eseoghene, who has a profound passion for helping others and giving to those who cannnot repay his kindness. He’s our favourite new humanitarian and I’m sure after you reading his profile, he’ll be yours too.

Kindly introduce yourself to us: your name, your age, your level, your department and your school.

My name is Johnson Eseoghene Oluwaseun and I am 20 years old. I am currently a 400 level student of  the department of Anatomy at Bowen University, Iwo.

Tell us what your NGO, Global Reach Initiative, is all about.

Global Reach Initiative is a mission and faith based nonprofit charity organization that helps reduce the stress of poverty in underdeveloped communities and orphanages.

How would you describe the work that you do?

We are saddled with the task of providing assistance to people in rural and underserved communities. We aim to provide food, clothes, money and various supply materials for people suffering from poverty, homelessness, crisis and war.

How did a young man like you get involved with charity work?
The inspiration to start this came from God. He gave me a vision and a mission to carry out this project and its a mandate I am saddled with for life. The love of Christ compels us to do what we do and we get our conviction from 1 Corinthians 13:13, which is Faith, Love and Hope.

What has been the attitude of your parents towards your career path?

My parents are very supportive of this work. My mum and dad are generous givers and all my life I have never seen a time when they were not meeting the needs of others even before ours in the family. God blessed me with loving parents that are lovers of all mankind.

 They have also donated towards our Easter Charity Outreach and they, along with my entire family, have  been a huge blessing to this cause. I bless the Lord for them and pray that they will live long to reap the fruit of their labour and in the end, obtain the crown of glory which has been set aside for them. Amen.

 There’s no doubt that this is a very tasking passion. How do you stay inspired and driven?

My major inspiration is Jesus Christ. People that share a like mind and dreams also motivate me to keep moving.

What challenges have you faced so far?

So far, we have not faced many challenges. However,  in the line of missions, especially nonprofit based missions like this, one great challenge is money. Since most financial support comes from donations by individuals and our personal pockets, we definitely need donations from supporters for our projects such as upcoming The Easter Charity Outreach. We also need support in kind from people; which could be either provision, food or material need items.

What are your future plans for GRI?

By the leading of God, through the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit, there are great plans for the future; heard and affirmed by God in His covenant to me.

Tell us about the upcoming Easter Charity Outreach

The food and clothing drive will take place on the 2nd of April 2017. There will be three collection stands at Bowen University, Iwo; one on the main field as well as one infront of the male halls of residence as well as one infront it the final year female’s halls of residence.

What types of items are you expecting?

We hope to get items like clothes, beddings, shoes and accessories, toiletries, provisions and food items. 

Are the contributions and donations from the drive going to a particular place or a group of places?

The contributions and donations from the drive will be reaching several places. We plan on reaching out to one of the orphanages and disabled people’s home in our axis that is in need for material and financial support. The name of the orphanage is Jesus Kids Orphanage. 

We also wish to get a few of the items to the men, women and children in Oluponna village in Iwo, Osun State. We would reach these people through The Bowen Baptist Church, a mission ground started By Bowen university. A lot of the families there are suffering and dying in poverty and sickness. 

We would appreciate monetary donations also because we need to acquire material items to help cater for the needs of these people, as well as support their families with some money so they can improve their lives. Nothing is too small to give.

This is truly an awesome initiative. For those of us interested in supporting the cause how can we do so?

Anyone that wants to make donations can contact us through the contact information listed below. You can also make donations to this Skye Bank account: 2020631296. Please after making the donation to the account, kindly inform us about the payment so we will send you a proof of payment.

– Johnson
IG: @Globalreachinitiative
Email: [email protected]
Phone Numbers: 08124286432, 07030678066


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