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Crown Feature: Meet Jermaine Okpe – Creative From The Future
By Esther Akinyemi

Do you believe that someone can have a passion for entertainment since primary school and bring it into reality? Sound very rare right? The ability to do such requires great perseverance that only a rare gem possess. Jermaine Okpe, the second child of a family of three is one of those rare gems. On today’s Crown Feature, we have an exclusive interview with the CEO of Jermaine Media, Mr. Okpe, below.

Starting with the basics. Tell us  your name, age, state of origin, school and course of study? My name is Okpe Jermaine Chidera, a native of Imo State, Owerri West and a resident of Lagos Ikeja GRA. I am 18 years old, a student of Bowen University from the Law department.

What’s Jermaine Media all about?Jermaine Media is an entertainment group that deals with event photography, show promotions, event planning and online publicity.

When and why did this idea occur to you? This idea occurred to me early last year, February 2016, when I was home and I couldn’t stop doing what I love. This was because I had just left secondary school and I said to myself “I want to be the change I want to see”. On the 25th of March 2016, Jermaine Media was founded.

Since when have you been having passion for entertainment?
My passion was discovered when I was in ST&T primary school, there my love for entertainment was discovered. I loved to always be on stage, talk, sing, drum and a whole lot more. I was called “The Show Boy.”

Apart from your passion, what inspired you to go the extra mile?My inspiration came when I saw the need to rise above others and contribute socially to the society.

How do you operate Jermaine Media? Jermaine Media has 18 members and two divisions. The first division have their various works, the Event planner, the DJ’s, the photographer, bookings and reservation manager. The second division help with the online publicity and show promotions, on Instagram, Twitter and other Social Media platforms.

Why did you choose this craft? I chose this craft because of my interest in socializing. I noticed that I had the ability to gather teens and youths in a particular place. Socializing and publicizing was easy for me so I decided to take it to a more professional level and that’s was how Jermaine Media came about.

What challenges do you face or have you faced so far? I would say my major challenges have been school and finance. It is an hard act balancing school and running a media group at the same time.

What are your parents’ attitudes towards your media group? They are supportive but still believe that education is key.

We all know that money is essential to humankind, especially in your field, how do you get paid? Basically all services we offer come with charges; whatever you book us for has a price. 

We heard you are working on a project called “Prom Tour 17”, can you shed more light on it? Yes, the project is “Prom Tour 17”. This summer, we will be touring across 20 or more schools in Lagos, Nigeria. This is a project aimed at connecting, capturing and showcasing the beauty of Nigerian teens. Our packages for this project are: red carpet coverage, event planning, event coverage, photo booth coverage and an exclusive interview by Jermaine Media’s very own Mosope and our celebrity guests, all at affordable prices.

When is this project scheduled for? This project is scheduled for June to late July 2017.

Do you have any mentor in this field that you look up to who serves as your driving force? In the photography field, I will say, TY Bello and Kelechi in the Media field. I am also driven by young entrepreneurs doing it good like Range Culture.

Where do you see Jermaine Media years from now ? Years from now, I see Jermaine Media going worldwide; expanding our brand across the world at large. However, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step; so step by step with God, we will accomplish all we set out to do.

What advice do you have for those who want to try their hands at what you do? I love questions like this because my experience has been one of a kind. Starting this media group, I had lots of critics, even close friends who discouraged me. They said things like  “people who have tried what you are doing failed, how will you be any different? ”, but I didn’t give up. I kept doing my best, staying true to myself and being constant; that’s key. So, do not give up on yourself and if you fail once try again. I can only imagine what the future has in store for me because God says “the plans I have for you are thoughts of good and not of evil to bring you to an expected end”. 

– Jermaine 
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