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Crown Feature – Meet Isaac Peters : Manager, Writer, Blogger (All Around Great Guy)


By Adeoluwa Atayero

     Isaac Peters is nominated as the most sophisticated male for the upcoming Nigerian Private University Awards (NPUA). For someone rightfully nominated for his sophistication and gentle maness, Isaac is a relatively down to earth fella. Anyone that has ever encountered the manager/writer in person will know concur that he’s a force of nature who exudes  both confidence and humility in one breath. had the distinct honour of interviewing the mavin and we got to find out just how he does it all. Check out our interview with Isaac below.

So let’s  get to know who you are officially and along with a brief summary of who you are and what you do.

      My Name is Isaac Malachi Olubusayo Peters. I was born on  August 3rd 1995. I am currently shuffling  between countries at the moment. I live in London, Ibadan and Lagos. I am currently a 400 Level student studying History and International Studies at Bowen University. Also on the side I write poetry and help manage the careers of my friends and family.

Shuffling between countries must be cool, how  would you describe your childhood? 

      I’d describe my childhood as thoroughly enjoyable. My parents gave me everything I needed and most of what I wanted. We travelled a whole lot so I got to see and experience several ways of life. My family is pretty huge as well so I was always surrounded by people that loved me.

Let’s talk about your move to Nigeria, what has the transition been like?

      I won’t lie to you, it’s been hard. I can’t count how many times I’ve had malaria or typhoid and been admitted into hospital. Then there’s all the “huh’s?” “Ehn??” And “pahdin??” that I’ve gotten because people struggle to understand my accent. Not to mention the number of people that have tried to cheat me. Altogether it’s taught me several lessons and made me the man I am today, so I’m grateful to God.

You are quite a catalogue of activity for one human vessel. Let’s start with writing, when did you start putting your thoughts down?

      I started writing in Secondary school. Getting shipped out to Nigeria was a crazy experience for me and I had a lot of pent up emotions about it (mostly anger). I decided to vent and writing was my vice.

When did you know writing was something you had a passion for? 

        Surprisingly  it was after I had met with a junior in secondary school. This dude used to irritate the hell out of me but he was an amazing writer. Reading his work inspired me and when I wrote a piece that was quite personal; seeing the effect that my work had on him helped me realise how passionate I had become about writing.

What inspires you as a writer?

      Most things actually, but mainly God. Sometimes I may just feel feel it laid on my spirit to write something and it always comes out amazing. Other times  it’s the relationship I’m in or a friend’s experience. I can derive inspiration from anything that moves me.

 What genre is your favorite to write in?

        To be perfectly honest I can’t really say. I believe in writing what you feel and know and for me that entails my life experiences and the experiences of those around me. However, God is the center of my life and as such a lot of mywork centers  around Him.

 Where have your works been published?
      Well they have not exactly published, more like re-blogged or retweeted. You can find some of my work on my sister’s blog or, and

You are being modest by not adding your own blog, to the list. Now you run a blog and also have a career as a manager and a student, how do you juggle it all?

      It’s just God. I owe it all to Him to be frank. I take one task at a time and put my all into that particular task; all the while asking God for help and guidance along the way and He has never nor will ever fail me.

Now let’s talk about managing. It’s not exactly a popular student career path, how did you get into managing?

     It just happened (laughs). I know a lot of people; a consequence of moving around as much as I have. I believe in people and their various talents. So when i see a person with talent and I know I could help them utilise that particular talent, i think why not. My sister started her blog all by herself by the grace of God. I just came in along the way to support her. I now manage a number of people in various fields of enterprise.

Are there any  misconceptions about managers that you’d like to clear up?

      Most people believe we can do just about anything and contact just about anyone which is hardly the case. It’s also important to remember your manager is not your houseboy.
How do you choose who to manage and not to manage? 

     Well like I said earlier, God is my everything. Most times I pray about it and other times I just don’t feel the vibe of the person and so I respectfully decline. On the other hand, there are some people that grasp my attention in a big way and i reach out to such people.

Who are your most notable clients?

       Well that’s easy, my two sisters are my most notable clients, particularly the elder. Her blog has received multiple awards and my younger sibling is an up and coming photographer who i promote with every Instagram post @_Joycepeters_ . Elizabeth is nominated for Best Student Blogger (Female) while  Joyce is nominated for the Student Photographer of  The Year (100 Level Section) in upcoming NPUA.

You seem to be very proud of your sisters, as you should be, but we have to know, what is it like being the only boy?

     Stressful! Having to do all the heavy lifting, being under constant scrutiny, having to “carry the family name” all that stuff. But I love my sisters to bits so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is the most notable event you’ve managed?

        The most notable event I’ve managed would have to be “Bowen’s Top Model”. It was a joint venture where I worked on behalf of my Sister and her brand, The Elizabeth Peters, Valeo and Famlul. We were able to bring the now very famous duo, Dremo and Mayorkun. All I can say is, it was lit! Gotta give a special shout out to my Bro’s Busayo Longe and The Black Lens, don’t think I could’ve done it without them. Bowen’s Next Top Model is also nominated as Event Of The Year at the NPUA.

      We are super grateful to Isaac Peters for taking time out to grant us this interview. We can’t wait to hear of the crowned heights he is sure to accomplish in the future. Wanna contact Isaac? Check out his contact information below.

– Isaac
IG : @Isaac_Peters
Twitter : @Isaaacmp
Snapchat : @Isaaacmp


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