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Crown Feature: Meet Bmax – The Influential Music Plug

Human beings are not one trick ponies. We all have a plethora of preferences, desires, needs and aspirations. Many people live their entire lives wishing that they could be alive in all these dreams but end up getting overwhelmed. They end up settling for one reality and spend their free time thinking about what would have happened if they had chased after that other dream. Bolaji Matanmi, known popularly and preferably as Bmax, is not one of such people. Bmax has many titles; Influencer, Writer, Pop Culture & Digital Media Enthusiast and Editor-In-Chief MusicPlug Africa. However, it would seem that his umbrella title should be go-getter. One dream does not deter the other, neither does one ambition take the backseat for the other. How does Bmax pull this off? Glide from vision to vision and still maintain a gracious persona? Scroll down and find out. Get a comfortable chair & some Kuli Kuli and follow us into the world of Bmax, the Influential Music Plug.


Bmax’s Profile

  • Legal name – Bolaji Matanmi
  • Born – February 29, 1996 (22)
  • Nationality – Nigerian
  • Educational Background – Graduate of UNILAG
  • Occupation – Digital Media Enthusiast, Writer and PR Agent


For our readers that don’t know who you are and what you do, kindly give them the gist.
I’m Bolaji Matanmi; mostly known as Bmax. I’m a Digital & Social Media Enthusiast, Writer, PR agent & Founder of MusicPlug Africa.

Do you have a 9-5 at the moment? If yes, what it is?
I currently don’t do a 9-5 job because most of the offers I’ve gotten aren’t encouraging. I’m just a freelancer for now.

As an influencer, what’s your creative process like when you are given a project to work on by a brand?
First, I have to understand what the project is about. Secondly and more importantly, I have to be interested in the project. Once I can find a point of interest, all the chips fall into place themselves.

What are some of the misconceptions about being a brand influencer?
A couple of weeks ago, a girl and a guy on twitter were talking about how being an influencer is another word for being an unemployed youth. They really don’t know how we get paid for what we do, because if they do… I’ll just stop there.

You’ve mentioned that you are the founder of MusicPlug Africa. What is MusicPlug Africa?
MusicPlug Africa is a platform for curating, promoting and supporting the music culture in Africa. It started as just one of those ideas that pops up in your head but then you start to give it some thought and before you know it, it becomes a reality.

When you started MusicPlug Africa what was the major thing you aim to achieve?
With MusicPlug Africa, I hope to create a platform where all music acts will want to share their content and all music content curators and writers will love their editorials and articles to be featured on.


Would you identify as a blogger? Why or why not?
If it’s what I think it is, I would rather call myself a writer than a blogger really.

How do you stay creative and original with the content you put out?
It’s been God’s grace that has been kept me going so far because there is little or no support and funds right now. I’ve been getting by with the support and encouragement of my teammates. We try as much as possible to keep things going a step at a time.

What are some things you wish you knew about brand influencing and running an entertainment platform when you first started?
I wish I knew music was my thing and it will end up being my niche. I also wish I knew to never stop building my social media platforms.

What will your workspace be like in the next five years?
By the grace of God, i see myself having a work space like Rap-up/Complex.

– Bmax
IG: @Officialbmax
Twitter: @Bmaxng
Facebook: Bolaji Matanmi
Site: MusicPlug Africa


IG : @TheArtOfAde
Twitter : @TheArtOfAde
Facebook Page : The Art Of Ade
Email : [email protected]


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