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Crown Art #1


Art Form: Poetry
Title: The Sour Part of Truth

It doesn’t wake you up
But it keeps you awake
What it takes, it gives
Stings the heart and sings

When the freshness is old
And the bitterness is new
Conflict is due
Resolution, driven

Calculating and anticipating
Contemplating and aggravating
The other end of love
The sour part of truth

It doesn’t wake you up
But it keeps you awake
True love in conflict
The sour part of truth

Stay Crowned,

Twitter – @TheOfficialADE
I.G.- @TheArtOfAde


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0 thoughts on “Crown Art #1

  1. amb

    True tho nice one adeoluwa

  2. arhnie

    the content depicts entirely everything after truth is told…gud title…Nyc piece

    1. Thank you so much Arhnie! I’m glad you like it.

    2. Thanks so much. I’m glad you could relate to it, that’s all you want as an artist.

  3. Adenike

    nice one…keep it up

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