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Choices! Choices! Choices! – Make The Right Ones This New Week

The understanding of a man affects the choices he makes, likewise his choices affect his understanding; whether positively or negatively. 
The choices we make turns us to be “Better Off”( that is if they are the right choices),  or “Worse Off” when the choices are wrongly made.But why then do we make choices that makes us “Worse Off”?

It is because we compromise laid down standards and principles. A principled man makes the right choices and his choices are made in accordance with principles, and also in conjunction with one’s ability to understand the effect of such choices.

Not only that, a wise man who moves with wise men like himself would be a better off man. This is because those he makes company with are not only wise but are also purpose driven. However, a man with no wisdom tends to make wrong choices and this makes him ‘Worse Off ‘ since he is in the company of men who lack wisdom.

A man with the right choices, ideas and decisions makes it to the top; fighting through challenges and rough times.

A man with the wrong choices is punished by the result from the wrong choices he made.It is a new week,so make the right choice and be in the company of the wise.
A Happy Monday to You!

– PrincessComfort

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