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But You Are Not Listening To Brent Faiyaz

I did say in my previous post that I’d been reminiscent. Here’s why. His name is Christopher Brent Wood, goes by Brent Faiyaz (pronounced as fires). He’s a singer, songwriter and record producer from Maryland who moved to North Carolina and now Los Angeles to pursue his music career.


First of all, did you grow up listening to Boyz II Men, Jodeci, KCi and JoJo and pure 90’s R&B becoming so infused in it that 2010’s pop music is just not it for you? Need an oldish vibe that’s still brand new? Go get you some Brent Faiyaz on your playlist and thank me later. The first time I really heard him on the most hectic New Year’s Eve in my life’s history, by God’s grace I didn’t kill anyone so no lives were lost. Once, I was in the car with a friend and she asked me if I knew him.

I knew of him so same difference, right? And she was playing “Missin Out” from his Sonder Son album (I really want to point out that 2017 was an awesome year for R&B worldwide). I was in. I was sure that this was what was missing and somehow was always there.

Music For Car Rides

I’m thinking of every car ride with the same CD playing for months and thinking I hated that music till I’m on my singing that whole thing word for word like I wrote it. After listening to his projects I told myself I was going to keep pushing his music like it was mine.

Catch this vibe! Start off by listening to his EP, “A.M. Paradox” , it’s even on SoundCloud so you can get a Kickstart, then slide to the EP collab by the collective Sonder “Into” (also on SoundCloud) and finally, head on straight to get his album and then experience the full power of Nostalgia, Wishful Thinking, Love & Lust, Loyalty and F-ck-Outta-Here-ness (as I like to call it) with such personal writing you can relate to. Personal favorites (in order of how they appear on the track lists)

From the “A.M. Paradox” EP – “Lovely”, “Insecure” & “No One Knows”

From the “Into” EP – “Feel”, “Sirens”, “Too Fast” & “Care”

From the “Sonder Son” Album – “Gang Over Luv”, “First World Problemz/Nobody Carez”, “Missin Out”, “L.A.”, “Sonder Son (Interlude)”, “So Far Gone/Fast Life Bluez” & “Needed” (I’d list the whole track list but I don’t want y’all getting mad fr)

You say you can’t vibe to new music, ok but, you are not listening to Brent Faiyaz? Think about it, have I ever misdirected you music wise?

-Twinless Gemini
IG: @insertcrownhere
Twitter: @cracksonacrown

Have a great weekend.


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