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Bowen Mag Is On!

Download Bowen Mag HERE

It’s that time of the year, and month, that everyone has been waiting for. June 30 is a special day because Bowen Mag is coming out for real! It would please you to know that your anticipation has not been a waste at all.

Trust me, there’s so much to read and learn from. From the Make up section to the Geek section; there’s  also a bit of Fashion, Comedy, Celebrity Feature and lots more!

Download Bowen Mag HERE

I have been waiting on it too and can’t wait any longer. The thought of the mag keeps me salivating like when I want to eat fried Dodo. I got to see a sneak peak of the magazine and trust me, you are going to be having a great time reading it.

This edition is especially revolutionary because it comes in PDF. This means you can take it everywhere you go; on your phones & tablets. I can go on and on about the mag but you need see for yourself. Do not be a doubting Thomas, just check it out and download Bowen Mag HERE.

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One thought on “Bowen Mag Is On!

  1. Concerned Ex-Bowenite

    I would like to commend the use of visuals. Pretty cool. Please could you recheck the magazine. The use of language is poor. Grammatical errors probably typographical errors. The interviews are not so interesting probably because of the interview questions. This magazine should have gone through an expert. This does not depict my Alma mata properly. Take note for the future

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