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Babsky Design #2

When Will We ?
When will we start encouraging truth and embrace reality?

When will we start listening to words that touch and not negative words that crush?

When will we embrace those with talents such as spoken word poetry and public speaking and not lame raps that about lap dances?

When will we build self-confidence and push fear to its residence?

When will we clap our hands to meaningful things and stop shouting to hype filthy things?

When will we be of help to those who are in need and stop squandering what is left beneath?

When will we stop talking and start acting ?

When will our idle hands become tools to change our generation?

        We sit down saying they have spoilt our country not knowing that we are also agent of destruction. This is because once you are idle, negative thinking comes and becomes the title of our actions.       We all are living in a past legacy but we need to ask ourselves which legacy do we want to leave for the next generation?
Be a problem solver. Rise and write something on the scroll of life and let people see.

Think outside the box.

Think positively. 

– Silas Babs
IG : @Prada_Babsky
Facebook : Babs Kenny
Phone Number : 08131808075

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