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All You Need To Know About The Rolls Royce

Hello guys, I hope you are having a nice day. Its Oba here again with another edition of #CarFreaks. On today’s edition, we will be talking about the big man’s ride, The Rolls Royce. 


      Yes, Rolls Royce it is. One way or the other you would have heard about this car. It is a car that has been very expensive from inception and has been used by the high and mighty, one of such is the Queen of England. An interesting fact about the Rolls Royce is that it is made by hand. O yea, including the interior,no robot is used. 

       Another  interesting thing about our baby for today is that every Rolls comes with an umbrella which you can pull out from the door side when you open it. I think  that’s their complementary gift for buying such an expensive car.


       It’s now time to get down to  business. The  Rolls Royce distinguishes itself from other car manufacturers by producing four models which are: Rolls Royce, Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and Dawn. These are the main four models although the phantom can be divided into the Phantom EWB [extended wheel base], Phantom Coupe [two doors], Phantom Drophead Coup [convertible] and the Phantom itself. 

        The Ghost can be divided into the Ghost EWB [extended wheel base], Ghost Black Badge [blacked out] and the Ghost itself. Wraith, which is a two doors Rolls Royce,  is either the Wraith itself or the Black Badge. 

      The Dawn which has just been released recently is the official convertible of Rolls Royce Motors. Let me just add this; the Phantom Coup and  the Phantom Drophead Coup are no longer in production. 

        Rolls Royce, apart from being luxurious, is powerful when it comes to the engine. The Ghosr, the Wraith and the Dawn all have a 6.6-litre V12 twin-turbo engine, while the Phantom has a 6.8-liter V12. Now we can see who the boss among bosses is. The interior of a Rolls Royce is one you would dream of. From the hand stitched leather seats, which takes more than two weeks to complete, to the speakers, the car is every driver’s dream ride. A Rolls Royce Wraith boasts 18 bespoke speakers. Just imagine yourself listening to Adeoluwa’s All Roads in your Rolls Royce!


      I don’t expect anybody who owns a Phantom or Ghost to drive his or herself. What! When you have such a luxurious owner’s corner? Abeg driver take the wheel. But when you own a Wraitj or a Dawn, pick up your keys and drive yourself. Driver your services are no longer needed.

        Hope we all had nice time reading this. Please don’t let us forget to download All Roads by Adeoluwa Here. Thanks and God bless. Comment below any car you want to be featured here.

– Oba
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