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Interested in placing an advert on the site? Shoot us an email at [email protected] or call (+234)09030140838. For your convenience, we have listed our advert rates below. Let us help you spread your word, the regal way!


On The Site

 Post Embedded Ads –

N25,000 – 2 weeks

 N30,000 – 4 weeks

Sidebar Ads –                     

N15,000 – 2 weeks

N25,000 – 4 weeks

Featured Posts –              

N7,000 per post

*For the featured posts, the customer is at liberty to decide when their posts would be posted on the site.

Social Media

All adverts will be automatically be posted on our social media accounts once for free but for reinforcement, these are the rates for our social media promotion. The customer will be tagged in all the posts as soon as they are uploaded and will also have the liberty to decide when the posts are uploaded.

BBM-        30 posts, 2 weeks – N7,000

                  35 posts, 4 weeks – N20,000

Twitter –    30 tweets, 2 weeks – N10,000

                   50 tweets, 4 weeks – N25,000

Facebook – 20 posts, 2 weeks – N15,000

                     35 posts, 4 weeks – N30,000

Instagram – 10 posts, 2 weeks -N20,000

                     25 posts, 4 weeks – N35,000