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A True Bantu Baby

Hello human persons.

      Your friendly fashion commentator is back. I’m sorry for leaving you hanging for two weeks; I deserve some serious water balloon treatment right now; forgive me. School is just really hectic right now, but on to fun things.

    I am a Bantu baby. Bantu knots are the love of my life at the moment. It is basically my own little excuse to look like I had an ‘Ekaette awakening’. I have nappy hair as we all know albeit not very expensively maintained; I like to play with my hair but Bantu babying and going Kiko are by far my favourite things to do with my hair. This time though, I decided to Bantu baby it.
       Bantu knots are a great inexpensive way of protective styling nappy hair. Done right, they promote hair growth and they help to seal in moisture. I always Bantu baby my hair immediately after I’ve washed and condition it (my regimen involves water, black soap, shea butter and olive oil or coconut oil).

       It’s my way of sealing in moisture as it takes a longer time to dry and the products penetrate the follicles better (at least that’s what I think). Anyway, the Bantu knots were peng thanks to my Dazzle Muffin, Ene (I took them out already *sob*), but the image above was what they looked like.
       I rocked them in my daddy’s shirt and my high school skirt and le go-to sandals; a fun time. (sorry there’s no artsy blog picture of my outfit; I solemnly swear to never let that happen again). Till next time, try not to miss me too much.

– Eseosa
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  1. If my gf should try this with me, it’s over.

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