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A New Idea For Your Ideas II

Disclaimer: This article will send a lot of “please, shut the hell up”‘s to people who feel like it’s ok to oppress others and those who support oppression and oppressors. But I’m hoping that it’ll also set the course for the correction of a few viewpoints.

Dear Oppressor,

I hear you begin your arguments with “I don’t understand why…” Here’s a secret, you don’t have to understand why people do what they do, especially if it’s not for you. Half the time, you don’t understand why you do what you do; you don’t know why you hate them for what they do, your reason is someone else’s opinion, most likely, and who knows where your source got their opinion? It’s sad how you want to die on a fence you don’t even know who built.

And if you are going to say “My Holy Book says…” people have been using their holy books to justify countless injustices so please, shut the hell up.


A lot of things have been bugging me this past month or so. This is basically a rant with a little bit of structure.

Let’s get into this

Women and Feminism:

Thought I’d start with the least controversial topic.
Before we go any further, what really is wrong with respecting women and treating them as you would men? Do you realize how much balance we would achieve if we didn’t birth women and from that moment tell them that they were born to be less than men. Why would you agree with any ideology that 50% of the world’s population should grow up with an inferiority complex? How is this morally, religiously or logically explained? Do you even love your own mothers?
Don’t even start with any of that “But some of their views are…” some of you are rapists and pedophiles so please, shut the hell up.
There is a whole lot in this world made to fit only men, it’s clearly unfair. There are people who are reading this who think “women should not be as strong as men, it is unnatural, unattrac…” please, shut the hell up. Living to please others, why should humans born in the same fashion as others be made to bend over and break to please another sex? People should be allowed to be what they are and what they want to because everything is expression, and you are an oppressor for trying to limit another person from expressing and experiencing full expression. Feminists are not “bitter women who are hurting from a Heartbreak”, at this point I have to point out the reality that there are a few people who claim to be feminists and are not, same thing happens everywhere, there are killers and thieves in our religious congregations, some of them are “leaders” so fix up the log in your eyes. We should all be feminists. And if you aren’t, just don’t speak on them, face your problematic life, drink water and shut the hell up.
You don’t have to understand it to respect it.

LGBTQIIA+ and Gay Rights:

I know the most common argument is the religious one that “such things are demonic and God hates…”
Basically, what you are saying is that devil was so busy making people non cishet people so an angel has to be responsible for your murdering raping cishet brethren and that God’s “love” is selective. Please, shut the hell up.

There are kids killing themselves! Kids! Parents who are finally proving that their love for their children is only conditional. Sending kids out into the streets to fend for themselves. And don’t come at me with your “children do not know anything about sex” please. You didn’t have any problems with little boys saying that they like girls or girls liking boys. Because as long as it’s cishet love you can separate emotions from sex. Please shut the hell up.

You can also read the prequel to this article: A New Idea For Your Ideas I

And if at this point you don’t know the difference between sex and gender, I can’t help you.
Oh, it’s illegal? As a society, we should judge and base laws on the basis of morals. For example, stealing is wrong (that’s why all our politicians should be rotting in jail but for another day), murder is wrong because life is sacred, pedophilia is wrong because sex is supposed to be between people who can consent, adults, but what exactly is wrong with feeling love?
People are being incarcerated and you want to point out legalities? The Apartheid of South Africa was legal. Racism was legal. Black people only counted politically as three-fifths of a human. And that’s for the politics. They were three-fifths canine after the votes came in.
For those of you who play the “if homosexuality is OK so should pedophi…” I bet you also think that 1+1= Tuwo and eating meat opens the gates to cannibalism. Please, shut the hell up.

Oh it’s white people culture, it’s unafrican, no, you are ignorant, people who did not subscribe to the cishet modalities have existed on our continent for centuries before your greatgrandparents. And help me out here, you took everything else a white man sold you from his idea of God to the idea that your natural hair is ugly and irresponsible but it’s this one that’s abominable? Please, shut the hell up.

(Sidebar: Here’s a quick thread with a bit of insight Cyndi’s Thread on LGBT history in Africa)

You don’t have to understand it to respect it. If you strongly feel like you can’t get with it, they don’t need your support, but they really don’t need your oppression.

The Pharisees:

This will be brief. You are Selective Activists who know what it means to be oppressed but then join in to oppress when it suits you. It’s disappointing. Fix up. Or please, shut the hell up.

Basically, I just want fewer stupid hateful people who are bent on degrading others and inflicting pain everywhere they turn. So until later, love and light ✨?✨?✨?

-Twinless Gemini
IG @insertcrownhere
Twitter @cracksonacrown
#StayCrowned ⚜

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