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A New Idea For Your Ideas I

He described what he called the five levels of awareness and said that all humans experience the first level of awareness at birth. That is when you first become aware that you exist. In the second level of awareness you understand that other people exist. You believe most of what you are told by authority figures. You accept the belief system in which you are raised. At the third level of awareness you recognize that humans are often wrong about the things they believe. You feel that you might be wrong about some of your own beliefs but you don’t know which ones. Despite your doubts, you still find comfort in your beliefs.

Above is an excerpt from my new favorite book “God’s Debris” by Scott Adams, a must read for people who enjoy shaking realities over shaking tables.

Today I’ll try and give really brief insights into one of the few things I find the least pleasure in talking about.


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and all within these geographic locations. True.

In about the same beginning, man searched for a reason behind the world of things he could not understand, some of which he will understand later, some of which his children will understand and some of which may forever remain a mystery, and then he created God.

God created men as different from each other as they are similar and man, as would be expected, described the God he had created with countless similarities and differences as the other man’s God.

Later, he also found out that if he was in a position of power, and said “God” and followed it with a few words of instruction, other men who recognized, believed in and/or feared his God would fall in line with little resistance.

God has over the years been molded and misconstrued to fit human wants, politics, lifestyle. That is a small problem. The bigger problem is when man forgets that this modification was just to fit a situation, a temporary solution to a temporary problem, a short term scam. They keep it. They believe it. Then they force it on others. How do you think slavery traveled on the same boats that brought slavery? Or terrorists and psychopaths promise a beautiful afterlife in the abode of their creator? Or we were convinced that the women who do the most in the most important show of God’s power (creation) are less important by all ramifications? Humans just used God to back up their inner darknesses.

(above is a very good example of the human condition I refer to as “God Abuse”)

And let’s not even begin to talk about Mother Theresa.

Anyway, I just wanted to point that out before I drop my points.

  • You’re not better than anyone because you serve a God who you’re convinced has a white son.
  • Heaven and Hell are probably constructs to keep people in line. It’s ruling by fear. It’s really human.
  • You may be wrong, and to be frank, that’s alright. But don’t let yourself be sheep to someone else’s manipulation of the most powerful existence or the most powerful idea because you don’t question anything.
  • Try and really, really, pick out what’s right or wrong based on the purity of the actions and possible repercussions and consequences. Do not just come and say somebody is dressed like a sinner (this is a whole other discussion)
  • Don’t do anything you do not feel strongly about in your heart. Please. Don’t let anyone brainwash you.

Love, and love yourself above all because you are a God in your own way. But you might be the only source of love that you can source and it is common knowledge, when there is no one to worship a God, that God dies. Stay Alive.

Also here’s another view on Religion I enjoyed recently click the link below:

What if… @JmeBBK on Twitter

Blessings this week.

(sidebar: I had meant to start this series exactly 8 weeks ago, but life got in the way, hopefully I finish what I’ve finally started)

(sidebar 2: you should really read God’s Debris)

-Twinless Gemini
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