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‘Sleep Is Only Sleep’

I wished the past week a dream; that it’d just be a reminder of how much.

Hoping I’d wake up in the middle of a Sunday morning service,

Complain about how tight my shoes are and how badly I need to take them off.

I’d come by for a quick hello and disappear because I’d see you tomorrow.

I’d make up for my disappearance.

Over the last few hours of this dream,

I realized that I am not in a dream,

Not anymore.

I had been pulled away from my dream state

And now not only am I forced to feel how much,

But I can’t force my way back.

I’m painfully awake.

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And so maybe I belong to this world,

And the desperate need to feel every single need.

And maybe the angel in my dreams is where she belongs,

In the temporary moments of a dream to which I can never return.

I stay awake, in fear of what my next dream holds.

Then sleep takes me, after my mind has inflicted enough pain,

To a darkness where I cannot feel, and sleep is only sleep.

-Twinless Gemini.

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