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Crown Feature: Meet David Adejumo – The Royal Set President of History and International Studies

Name: David Olushola Adejumo

 Portfolio: President, Department of History and International Studies

Present and Future Interests: I am currently focusing on reading, traveling and learning new things as well as writing(I am working on a project), I want to also make a difference in the life of many. My future interest is that later in life I will delve into politics, diplomacy and business.

 Selling Point: My ability to influence people's decisions to my way of thinking, I also have a God given ability to always smile, remain calm and be diplomatic in certain difficult situations. Majority of people panic in difficult situations, become scared or are insecure.

 What Motivates You? : My number one source of motivation is God and my family. The goals I set for myself also motivate me and, likewise the lifestyle of my role models Barack Obama and Kofi Annan.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, traveling, listening to music, arguing and playing video games especially? FIFA. 

 Likes: Conciseness, charisma, a good heart and philanthropy.

 Secrets: I eat a lot and I am a shy person that loves to speak and overcome the shyness.

Nick Name: Da Vinci, The Man of books, Davisco and Cobra.

Parting Lines: The greatest victory is victory over self. Once You can conquer yourself, then You can conquer the world. Think about this.

Favourite Thing about Bowen: I can't really say but I think the Chapel and Boys Cafeteria because of the after chapel rush for swallow. I'll especially miss the departmental games and rally.

Favourite Bowen Memory: Our final year rally, the day I won election to become the President of my Department and our final year thanksgiving service.

What do you want your legacy to be?: Well I want to be remembered as someone that made many mistakes, sounds absurd right? Well, I want this because leadership is about making many mistakes and learning from them. I also want to be remembered for pioneering many firsts: Under my administration, we organised the first Departmental Seminar which was a huge success and we also organised the first inter level debate. 

We also established a prayer fellowship for the department. We also responded to the needs of the department by buying a photocopier/printer for student and staff use. 

Due to feedback I got, under my administration, we made ourselves readily available for students; students were able to meet the executives on a daily basis to ask questions and clarify things.

Who is your successor?: My successor is Gloria Memberr, she was my vice president and I trust her to perform a good job and carry on from where I stopped.

What's next for you? : Well to learn more because I know nothing. I want to travel and explore Africa and the World, to work on my book, to further my studies and climb the ladder to greatness.

– David
IG: @dave_junior12
Facebook: David Adejumo
Twitter: @Davisco_81374
WhatsApp: +2348100157922


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