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Flower child
Goddess child
Remember me when you are dreaming.
I know you have powers, to pull yourself
Out of dreams that is not a suitable reality
Your ability is an illusion you can control.

Flower child
Goddess child
You live on the shores of the lake
Clothed in white and hair crowned with the pearls from the sea.
Use the mud to cleanse your skin
Use the rocks to massage your scalp
Take for yourself a lover that will play music to fish you out.
Flower child
Goddess child
I worship you
The very core of your existence
The very harmony between the body, the spirit and the earth
Be the ice moon season that causes confusion
Not only in my heart but in head

Let us sit on the wet sand
The salty water licking at our feet
Giving our journeys a little flavour
The sun beats our skin
Our father smiles down on us
We will dance the fire dance later this evening
But for now
As we hold hands and gyrate to the drums 
Of our worshippers

Let us remember that in us,
In me is a power so great I vomit precious stones in my consciousness.



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